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Connection trouble


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Hey there,

I hope i'm posting in the appropriate section of the forums. My apologies if this isnt the right section.

However I've got a problem. My connection appears to be working fine, I can log in to these forums, other forums, websites, IRC, downloads working correctly and all. All except for www.cybernations.net seem to be working. I can't connect to cybernations at all, and i keep getting the message my connection is timing out. Or that it cannot load the page. I was wondering wether or not anyone could supply me with some information to get it back working. Or any idea's i might be able to try.

Some further information:

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

Browser: Firefox (also tested with Internet Explorer)

Router: Edimax... something

I've tried resetting my modem and my router, restarting my PC, resetting (software) my network connections. I've let Windows temper a bit with them aswell. Resetted the cable. But since the rest of my internet is working fine i figured the problem would be somewhere else.

I'm at a loss for what to do here so if anyone had some idea's it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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