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Need up to 1000 tech?


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Atlantis is again selling major amounts of tech. To make this easier, however, I'd like to keep the format simple. We can't do twenty day deals, or use middlemen. Simply enough, you can buy any amount of tech up to 1,000 and I'll have it to you within a day or two. How will this work? Well, you need to supply the cash; I'll send you a list of 10 nations (assuming you want 1000... less nations if you want less), and you need to get $3,000,000 to each of them quickly. Also, send me a list of nations (w/ links) who you'd like to receive tech (they can be the same nations who sent cash... just make sure the have the necessary aid slots open... also, different nations can receive different amounts of tech if you'd like), and I'll make sure the tech gets sent out quickly.

This is as easy as it gets - I have a list of ten active nations with three open aid slots who are ready and willing to do a tech deal; please contact me or reply here asap to get in on this quick. Individual sellers, if you have three aid slots and want 100 tech, contact me by PM and I can fit you in as well. For this 1000 tech, though, it's obviously impossible for an individual dealer to buy all this. I'd like an alliance to purchase (hey Gramlins - y'all reading this? :awesome: ).




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