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Blue trade circle

Huang Ti

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First off,

Trades are Aluminium, Cattle, Fish, Gems, Iron, Lumber, Marble, Pigs, Spice, Sugar, Water and Wheat.

Bonus' are Construction(with 5 tech), Fast Food and Beer.

Happiness 12.4

Income 1.5

Citizen Amount 30.56%

Infra Cost -28.99%

Infra Upkeep -17.2%

Land Cost -14.5%

Land Area 19.07%

Soldier Cost -3

Soldier Amount 38%

Aircraft Cost -8%

Tech Cost 0%

Miscellaneous Iron: -5% Tank Cost/Upkeep

Water: Pop density+50, environment+10%

Construction: Raises the aircraft limit from 50 to 60



Much work has gone into creating this trade circle and I had filled all places until a memebr pulled out due to alliance obligations.

The needed resource combo is Aluminium and Lumber.

If you have these trades we want you! Any colour is accepted but if you want to avail of the +5 happiness we suggest you change to blue.

Huang Ti

BTW, if you have not got a harbour the necessary money will be sent to you to buy one if you decide to join us.

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