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European Community Summit


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European Community Summit

Our cyberverse is a gigantic place, filled with nations and alliances eager to make it to the top of the proverbial pile. Among these nations are the nations of Europe, who share a unique heritage and (hopefully) a unique destiny.

The revelation of this destiny lies in the cooperation of European states; in their willingness to work towards a common end; in their ability to forget differences and forge a pool of resources, a pool from which any one European nation may draw in time of need.

That is why I've created the European Community Summit a temporary organization designed to promote the interaction of European or Europe-oriented nations. We plan to discuss ways to improve our efficiency and cooperation in military and financial affairs; to find ways to benefit ourselves through trade discrimination and non-aggression pacts, regardless of alliance affiliation.

This is not an attempt at recruitment (although the possibility of a purely European alliance will hopefully be discussed); rather, this is merely an attempt at bringing ourselves to the point of forging an non-aggression pact that binds us together, an attempt at pooling our resources to help one another.

What countries are registered to attend on April 1?

  • Albania
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia
  • Switzerland

It is best described as a friendly gathering to which I would like to invite any Europe-oriented nation. If you are named after a real country in Europe, you're automatically welcome; if you use the name of a real European country in your nation's name, you're more than welcome; if your nation's ruler is the same as a real European country's ruler and you have an interest, then you are welcome.

To see our forums (the minimal design is intentional, to emphasize the fact that this planning stage of our development is not permanent), simply click on the picture below:


European? Interested in completing the puzzle? Come speak and be heard at the European Community Summit today!


His Majesty King Leopold I

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