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Selling Donation


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One $20 donation for 15m 250tech Slot opens the 20th.

3m 50tech 10days / 3m 50tech 10days / 3m 50tech 10days / 3m 50tech 10days / 3m 50tech

I will make a donatioin on any day once you start paying me, can be march or April your call.

Yes this is VERY expensive but this is what my RL $20 is worth to me. Leave a message here or PM me in game.


Deal is done for march.

Thank you

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You would be very surprised at how many people have messaged me. It seems that people are willing to pay the money and even more, a lot more. Its the tech and the aid slots that seems to be the hold up. But even that, people have come pretty darn close. ;)

This is just my offer. If some one really NEEDS a donation you would be surprised at what they will pay. If no one wants it then that is fine with me. I am not making anyone pay this its up to them if they desperately need a donation.

Sorry Thunder but you just dont have a clue about selling donations and these kind of offers are really annoying.

Why do I not have a clue? :( Because I don't sell my RL money for 9m cn money? Seems silly to me that people sell them so cheap.

This is a game and a fun one at that, but its still just a game. $20 is real and I will only part with $20 for a LOT of CN money and tech!!! If you don't want to do it that is cool. Move on to the next guy that will sell it cheaper, and I wish you the best of luck.

One more thing, I see people selling donations for 500 tech, what is your thoughts on that? Should I give up on the money and go for 500 tech? You pay 5 tech farmers and they send 500 tech to who I want?

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Donation Deals are very much about supply and demand. If the Demand is high and the supply low, the prices go up, which is what is happening now. Not to long ago you could get a donation deal for a standard 3mil. When i see people asking for 15 mil and 250 tech now i find it very annoying and unrealistic. And it terms of game play time and effort its just not worth that. As for the 500 tech query, yes. Its alot more reasonable but i doubt there will be many nations out there willing to part with 500 tech for a donation.. My advice to you would be to ask for 15-18 million CN and spend half the money on tech.

If your interested in the above im available for this sort of a deal.

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