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AA changes during war


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I have seen many nations changing their AA when planning an attack or even during the fight. I have two questions regarding that:

1) is it allowed to do that, as often as you wish (i see no reason why not)

2) must the AA "mean something" or is any AA allowed (as long as it is not offending). As example could someone hide under the AA "123ABC123"?

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1) Having been unalligned for 2/3 months now and having been at war for the last 2+ weeks of that, Ive changed my AA regularly. Ghosting small alliances just for fun etc. Seeing how quickly they noticed my nation amongst them. I dont see why I shouldn't be able to do this.

2) Ive used some really random alliance names just to hide from recruitment spam. Stuff like "Jessica Simpson Appreciation Society". Just so long as its not offending I think it's fine. Same rules as bio's basically.

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