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Derka-Jihad an alliance has been formed by talented nations who have had quite some experience with alliances. Derka-Jihad is making its way into the Bob Globe to gain prosperity from other alliances. Derka-Jihad has alot of potential but we need the fuel to that your nations can bring.

Derka-Jihad Has something to give to any nation, you can get $4.5 Mill in your first three weeks and More through various aid programs. We are a peaceful alliance but We will Arm ourselves for the betterment.

Derka-Jihad needs experienced members for her Leadership positions.

Derka-Jihad Pledges to donate $20 consecutively for all nation above 30,000 nation strength that wish to Join Derka-Jihad.

if yo uare an average nation Derka-Jihad will aid you so you can aid more Derka Nations.

If You are Interested please Change your alliance affiliation to: Derka-Jihad

Also Log onto our forums to become a member, Click ----> Derka-Jihad if you wish to becoem a member or diplomat and gain alot from it.

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