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We want you

Lucas Perry

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Looking for a close knit group of people who you can get along with

Looking for an alliance that offers protection to all their members

Looking for an alliance that will help your nation grow with the most efficiency

Looking for an alliance that offers many ways to grow


Our forums are http://z15.invisionfree.com/romanrepublic/index.php?act=idx We are looking for veteran players and new guys as well so come all.

So stop by. Our IRC channel is #rome

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O/ Rome

We also offer a good environment and a great community so that you can make friends.

I know all of our government and our current members and I can say they are all the best and the nicest peoples you could ever meet. Especially SWR when he is consuming his favorite drink ^_^

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Oh I forgot to mention. We also have a real good pal of mine and a very good person as our Leader. Praetor Lucas Perry is a great leader, he is determined and selfless. Long may he guide us :).

o/ LP

o/ Rome

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