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3m for alu marble, trade cycle waiting for you

Grigoris Lambrakis

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One of our trade partnes got deleted for inactivity. So i offer 3m to whoever takes part in the following trade cycle. Offer me the trade and message me please, so that i leave everyone know that you are part of the cycle.

Most important figures

Daily income : +12,26 (2nd nuke choise)

Hapiness: +6 (2nd nuke choise)

Citizens count : +21%

Infra cost : -39%

Infra upkeep : -21%

Land : thanks to water, you don't have to worry about land again

So this combo keeps both steel and construction to minimise infra cost and upkeep, which is absolutelly necessary if you want to grow in this game. But it also gives you a very high citizens count (which means more improvements, larger army and above all greater income) and that with high income and without sacrifising happiness. It would be the perfect combo if you were to use sugar instead of my furs, but the difference is insignifiant anyway (for a nation like mine, where 1hap=1,15inc, the difference would be 0,6income).

Gems : Rigas

Furs : Rigas

Aluminum :

Cattle : AP3 10

Fish : Lacey

Iron : d3lta501

Marble :

Coal : Lacey

Wheat : kalimia

Lumber : d3lta501

Water : kalimia

Uranium : AP3 10

Bonus ressources :Beer, construction, steel

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