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Atlantis Selling 1200 Tech Immediately


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Atlantis Selling 1200 Tech Immediately

Atlantis currently has enjoyed an influx of tech sellers. We are ready to sell tech en masse, at least temporarily. We're looking at about 1200 tech at the moment, but that number is certainly open to change, depending on what you need. I'd like to deal with a trusted and reliable alliance who will pay cash and accept tech promptly.

The rate is simple enough; $3,000,000 per 100 tech, and an extra $3,000,000 charge per 500 tech sold. So, if you want 1000 tech, it'll be $30mill for the tech and an extra $6mill in payment for the use of all our small nations. Why is this not as crazy as it sounds? Because I've coordinated the buying and selling of over 50,000 tech (including one individual deal for 2100 tech) in six months in Atlantis, and I can assure you it will be organized well. You will be dealing with many new nations here, so I cannot guarantee everything will go perfectly smooth, but we instruct our nations carefully and consistently, make sure the tech is sent correctly, and handle all the logistics and nation-links. We've sold thousands of tech and never had an unsatisfied consumer; please reply asap to get your alliance a massive amount of tech easily and efficiently.

This will be set up in a simple 12x12 (or however large you'd like it) format; if it's easier on you, we will take care of the details and logistics. You will need to provide nation-links for the nations you'd like to receive tech, and you will also need to have the money sent in a timely manner. We have the small nations ready and waiting, so I am hoping to do this as soon as possible. Please reply here, and/or contact us through PM. Thank you,

Winstonopia; Senator, Deputy Minister of Finance, Tech Deal Coordinator (Winstonopai on the CN forums... internet problems --> cannot access CN or CN forums atm)

Ligolski; Minister of Finance


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Elbows sorry - I'd prefer orders of at least 400.

Btw, forget about the extra $3mill per 500 tech rule... scratch that. I'm desperate to get these small nations some cash, so please PM me asap! We're selling 400 to the GDA and DaveII, but I still have over a thousand ready to go.



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Please contact me ingame for quicker notice's..

I will buy a MAXIMUM amount every 10 days for as long as you can sell it :-D

I will give 3million and will expect to recieve 100 tech the same day using your own middlemen right?

i have over 200million in surplus now and will wait for your pm INGAME.. please send mesages if interested..

i can actually give 6million and accept 200 tech since i have 6 aid slots


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