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What should I do?

Ned the Great

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Okay, I have read all of the stickies, but I'm still not exactly sure if this is the correct board to be asking this question. If it is the wrong board, can someone please tell me the correct one?

Anyways, on to the question: My sister made a nation some weeks ago on her computer (different from mine), but she got bored with the game and had me nation sit her nation (I didn't realize that you had to post on the forums to verify it, as I hadn't gone on the forums yet, thinking they were optional). While I was sitting her nation, I logged on to it from my computer, unaware that I could get in trouble (it was before I had gone onto the forums). I never made our nations interact. Now, to get to the point, I'm wondering what I should do with her nation. She doesn't seem to be coming back, so I'm wondering if I should just delete her nation. If so, am I allowed to give the cash to my other alliance members?

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