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The Socialist Union

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Constitution of The Socialist Union



Motto: Unity, cooperation, community, unanimity, solidarity!


The Socialist union (SU) hereby considers itself the collective property of the products of labor as the necessary complement to the collectivist programme, the aid of all for the satisfaction of the needs of each being the only rule of production and consumption which corresponds to the principle of solidarity. Solidarity entails the both the indivisibility of the SU itself, arising from the common responsibilities and interests of the nations themselves, and the national independence and popular sovereignty of each nation, which entails a free right to leave the SU at will and are also free to reside on whichever color team they wish.

Government structure.

Solidarity in defense is drawn directly from the ‘an attack on one is an attack on all’ notion, and entails the required popular defense of any nation that is attacked by the forces of foreign imperialism, so that all nations act as one coherent entity in war. When the alliance declares war it does so collectively in the best interests of the colonies, at the direction of the government. The party organs will organize military affairs and coordination.

Solidarity in politics. Far from the cynicism, apathy and indifference common to rotten liberal capitalism, the SU is committed to a coherent and unified political line from The Party, in which solidarity among nations and abroad keeps up unified and strong against the class enemies of division. The SU will never accept the isolation and alienation of any of its nations, for although we are many we speak with one voice. Nations are required to accept and act upon the Majority Line of The Party.

Government institutions.

The Party

The party is the primary tool for the exercise of popular political power within the SU, once per day the party will discuss an issue (or more than one depending on the situation), and at the end vote in a democratic way and decide the Majority Line of the party, which will be final and the minority must abide by this decision and maintain public unity. Every nation of the alliance is given one vote in the party, but the retainment of this position in the party requires that the member come active on the forums once per day and tick off their name and thus vote and discuss in matters of the alliance. If a member misses three sign-in days in a row, or does not at least minimally participate in discussions, he will be expelled from the party. This ensures those that make alliance policy are active and intent to contribute to the alliance.

General Secretary (of the The Party of the Socialist union)

The General Secretary (GA) is the basic administrator of the party, and it is his job also as a forum administrator to create daily votes on issues, and to generally organize the party-room forums, so that guides for new members, war rooms and all organs of the party and alliance. It is generally expected that only the most active of the SU will take this position, and is elected monthly by the party by a general vote. Officially he represents the Majority Line and general view of the party, and thus is charged with representing this line and implementing it. This may take the form of posting treaties on the main forums, or discussing with foreign leaders or diplomats in a ‘head of state’ function. This does mean he is head of state, but simply represents the democratically-held majority-view of the alliance membership, and thus expresses that with his initiative in the interests of the alliance. So while the party is behind the scenes actually making policy, he translates this in the political scene with other alliances. This position exists so that the Majority rule, and individuals cannot try and speak for the alliance, only the GA can, and he acts of the majority view. Thus diplomats are not sent abroad by the SU, but are only received so all the party can have a say in the diplomatic matters, and the alliance is not held hostage to the personal individual actions of lone ambassadors.


‘labor reform’

If a member breaches the majority will of the party, engages in personalized attacks, and displays rampant individualism in political action, and does not conform to the common good, the party can thus vote (as with any other political action) to re-educate him and thus bring him back into the mainstream. This is called labor reform, and simply means the member can be sentenced to doing correctional activities, meaning a set amount of time recruiting for the alliance, teaching newer members about the game, or administrative duties for the GA. The party of course decides the severity.


If a member intentionally leaves during labor reform, wartime, or engaging in any diplomatic, political or military actions, which are not sanctioned by the party, he is thus declared a traitor, and will be destroyed as an anti-social class enemy of the Majority.


This constitution can be amended by Majority Line by the party.

Are you tired of the autocracy and elitism of the mainstream cybernations alliances? Do you hunger for an inclusive democratic and truly engaging political organization in Cybernations? An organization where activity is rewarded by equal political power to everyone else? Are you disgusting by the endless torrents of imperialism and classism on Cybernations? If so then the socialist union is definitely with you, and if you join us we will always be with you, unlike the bourgeois alliances who abandon their members of the unconsciousable justification of 'personal responsibility', we in the socialist union value of of our members equally, and never willingly abandon any comrade to the wolves. We pride ourselves on one principal over everything else, solidarity, an attack on one is an attack on all, whether in military, political, economic or diplomatic affairs this socialist principle is followed to the letter! The SU is truly a revolutionary popular organization run according to the principle of 'To each according to his contribution'.

The socialist union is truly engaging, you can become a party member if you are willing to give your time to such a position. We aim to boost activity by an open democratic system of airing differences of opinion in a fair way, and to decide our alliance policy by general majority consensus, it is truly 'freedom in discussion, unity in action'. Please sign-up on our forums to become a member:

Click Here!

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