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Someone was nation sitting for me, since I am currently deployed in Iraq and cybernations.net is blocked, and I finally was able to log onto my nation only to find out that it had been deleted.

I am wondering if there is anyway that I can find out if my nation was deleted for inactivity or for someother reason. I also would like to know - if there is any chance at all - AT ALL - that I would be able to get my nation back. I have worked on my nation for 350 something days and now it is gone.

Thanks for any help you could provide in this matter.

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and I suppose that there is no way in the world I can get it back.

I believe I know the answer to this but might as well ask.

edit: I will most likely be creating a new nation. I am currently in Iraq on a Department of Defense network (check my ISP - easy to tell) and sometimes we are required to use a government proxy in order to access the interent. Is there a way I can make sure my nation does not get deleted for using a proxy, which is against the rules, besides just NOT getting on?


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