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!! Affluent Population and Jewelry modifications !!!


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- The new wonders as mentioned yesterday have been added to the game.

- Fine Jewelry has been updated. It now provides +3 happiness instead of +1.5 happiness.

- Affulent Population has been updated. It now provides +5% population instead of +2 population happiness.



+3 Happiness for Jewelry, and

+5% population for Affluent Population

So, will there be new trade schemes developed for these?

Also, does this do enough to make Fur worthwhile?

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indeed, people who are stuck with resources not needed for the 3BG or 5BG will have an alternative now worth considering.

especially those with 1 resource for each combo were screwed before (pigs/coal for example: coal is useless for 3BG but pigs is useless for 5BG, now they can go FJ, AP, FF.)

great move.

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just some math to prove the boost:

My own nation currently has 5BG combo:

Con, Beer, Asp, Cars, Steel, Fish, Uran, Cattle = 8,071,000 clear profit per day = 28,26 infra per day max purchase

with using the 3BG combo would have:

Con, Beer, FF, Fish, Uran = 8,816,000 clear profit per day = 28,17 infra per day max purchase

So, I lose 24M per month in cash, but can buy 2.7 level more infra for my cash... wow. okay 3BG is best, especially if you count in that ~50M per month will go in wonders and not in infra.

FJ, AP, MC, Steel, Scholars, Wheat (BEFORE) = 8,382,000 clear profit = 22,64 infra per day max purchase

FJ, AP, MC, Steel, Scholars, Wheat (NOW) = 9,182,000 clear profit = 24,80 infra per day max purchase

BEFORE it was clearly worse, only 9M more collection per month then the 5BG but ~180 fewer infra to buy for it.

NOW it is quite a good alternative: 33M more tax then the 5BG, even 9M more then 3BG, but only ~100 fewer infra to buy for it. If you invest a lot of cash into spies, wonders or such - this setup is now almost even to 3BG or 5BG at high levels.

FJ, AP, Beer, Steel (BEFORE) = 8,191,000 clear profit = 23,79 infra per day max purchase

FJ, AP, Beer, Steel (NOW) = 8,988,000 clear profit = 26,10 infra per day max purchase

Same result, it was clearly at a significant disadvantage before, now it is almost even to 3BG or 5BG.

Great day for guys with Furs, Gold, Silver, Coal, Wine. They now have a setup able to challenge the others, without being absolutely dependent on the Construction-Resources.

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What about FF, FJ, AF, Steel?

Is that one worth the effort now?

I take 50tech for "calculations on demand" :)


my nation would make: 8,977,000 daily profit / 22,79 daily infra. decide yourself. Imho it is almost as good as the 5BG now, the difference is hardly having an impact any more. So if you have trouble going the 3BG or the 5BG, it is an alternative. I would earn 27M more tax per month with this, but could buy ~170 less infra. Since you always buy a wonder per month, imho both (5BG and FJ/AP/FF/Steel) are a very close match now, 5BG is better at war (lot lower bills), but the AP combo is at least equal in peace times.

However, if you CAN go 3BG or 5BG without constantly losing trades or paying for them, do it. They are still a *bit* better overall. But not as much as complaining would be worth it :P

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errr, so what is BG? Is there any further info on trades in this forum, I have Lead and Coal and looking to optimize my trades. Any reccommendations?

Try using this site to check out trade bonuses. It's outdated now due to the changes to FJ and AP though:


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Indeed. This is really cool. I don't own any resources that were effected, but now I don't have to worry so much if someone drops a trade with me. I can trade with almost anyone now and not get a raw deal. ^.^ Super update, admin.

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If you are a large nation that isn't currently buying infra I found this set works best:













I will make about 400k more per day compared to beer and fast food with uranium. However if i wanted to start buying infra again I would switch a trade out and pick up aluminum and marble. So this is probably only best if you are a very large nation that only buys infra once in a while.

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