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Orange Trade Circle - Bonus B/FF/C

Micheal Malone

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I have a good circle, except my X resources. So I'm going to have to re-work a circle.... I'm looking for the following. You MUST have TWO of these resources. Orange Team members only please for max happiness bonus.

Water - CJDiablos



Lumber - Micheal Malone



Cattle - Tehrep

Sugar - Guarana

Pigs - Tehrep

Spices - Micheal Malone

Fish - Guarana

Gold - CJDiablos

Bonus: Beer, Construction, Fast Food

This is normally considered the most favorable set for population & infrastructure, which means more money in your nation's pocket!

I currently have this circle, except I don't have fish gems, unfortunately I just can't replace the two X resources I have as they are attatched to others I need.

So start signing up. Help me & help yourself.

Pretty please?

Those who need a harbor, we can arrange that as well.


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Hi, I have wheat and marble. Will give you a message in CN as well.

Edit - Nevermind, I checked your nation, seems like you managed to get those 4 resources.

I still need you, those resources are from my old trade circle that will be ending soon. If you're still interested send me a PM in game. Once I have a full circle in plan, we'll send out PM's to drop all and create the new circle.

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