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Hello and Welcome to Cyber Nations. I am part of an alliance called The North Star Federation. You have probably received a couple alliance offers already. Alliances serve as military assistance, financial aid, and a place to meet new people. We also offer a standard aid packages to all new countries joining our alliance. Even if you are currently at war, we can help you get back on your feet. If you want that kick head start, then NSF is for you. On our forums, we have tips and facts on just about every topic and how to get your nation running at its optimum potential. Our members help one another out in times of crisis and peace. We would be honored to have you as a part of our alliance. Please register to the following site and then fill out an application if you would like to join. <a href="http://federationofthenorthstar.ipbfree.co...dex.php?act=idx" target="_blank">http://federationofthenorthstar.ipbfree.co...dex.php?act=idx</a>

Whatever you choose, may you have the best of luck on the prosperity of your nation. Feel free to visit us at our forums whenever.


North Star Federation

NSF is recruiting. join and accept the honor of being in NSF.

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