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Billy Corgan

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If I wanted to destroy one of my current wonders then build a different one, would building the new one reset my Wonder timer back another month?

What I want to do:

I have a Movie Theater Wonder and I want to replace it with a different one. However, I have 17 days left until I can build my third wonder. Would destroying the Movie Wonder and building a new one reset my 30day inter-wonder period so taht i have to wait another 30day until I can build my 3rd isntead of the 17days that I'm at right now?

Thank you.

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Yeah, what happened was that I picked up the wonder back when I had just hit about 4k infra. I wanted to get started quickly on my Wonder timer and at the time I wasn't making much money so I bought the Movie wonder in the hopes that I could do something like the Improvements where I could just switch it out later once I started making more money. Now I'm left with the crap Wonder? Dang.

Oh well. Thanks for all the help.

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