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We, the members of The Sentries Of All things Purple, create this charter to bring together a unified alliance. With the creation of this charter, we bring together each sovereign nation into a whole, providing war aid, mutual defense, and a purpose to further each individual's growth, and the growth of the alliance as a whole.

Article I: Admission & Membership

A: In order to gain admission to SOAP, all applicants must answer questions determined by the Director of Soapy Affairs. Questions will include, but not be limited to, Nation Name, Ruler Name and any recent wars.

B: Each applicant will be inspected and if below 8000 NS,will go through an academy phase and will have to change their nation's color to purple.

Every member that joins will have to go through a probation phase for 3 days and will have to do some kind of test,depending on their NS.

All new recruits WILL require a background check.

Section 2: Membership

A: Membership in other alliances is not allowed.

B: Upon putting forth an application for admittance to SOAP, all applicants and members are bound by this Charter. Violations of may lead to disciplinary action by the Soapy 3.

Article II: Alliance Officials

Section 1: The Soapy 3

The members of The Sentries Of All things Purple shall be led by a triumvirate, called the Soapy 3, elected by popular vote from the alliance membership. The Soapy 3 shall be the voice of the alliance and shall make all executive decisions, while acting in the best interest of SOAP. All 3 members of the Soapy 3 have an equal amount of power. The Soapy 3 can Veto decisions to go to war and other bills that they dont approve of.

Section 2: Soapy Departments

Soapy 3: The official leaders of the alliance. The Soapy 3,is the Triumvirate that is responsible for the alliance and has the final say in all decisions. The Soapy 3 can be dethroned with an "imcompetant" vote. The Soapy 3's power is balanced by The Soapy Council.

Soapy Council: The advisors to the Soapy 3. The Soapy Council is responsible for maintaining helping lead the alliance and can vote to go to war. If the event that all of the Soapy 3 is absent for important decisions, the Soapy Council has the authorization to make those decisions. The Soapy Council also contains 5 members who can overrule a Soapy 3 veto.,if at least 4/5 Soapy Councilmen vote in favor.

Director of Soapy Affairs: The head ambassador of SOAP. The DoSA is responsible for creating diplomatic ties with foreign alliances, maintaining a diplomatic stance, and keeping suspected foreign threats under observation. The DoSA may appoint assistants if necesary.

The Soapy General: The military leader of SOAP. The Soapy General is the military leader of SOAP. In wartime,the Soapy General is more powerful than any other member except for the Soapy 3. The Soapy General is responsible for all military matters. The Soapy General is also known as The Director of Soapland Security or The DoSS.

The Director of Soapy Finances: The financial leader of SOAP. The DoSF is responsible for organizing all financial and war aid. DoSF has the power to deny aid request if he.she sees that the aid in unnecesary.

The Director of Scrubbing Bubbles: The DoSB is responsible for all Internal affairs within SOAP. The DoSB,does background checks and manages The ID System. Anyone without an ID will be asked to get one and if the request is ignored that nation will be hunted as a ghost.

The Director of Soapy Growth: The DoSG is responsible for all nation growth. The DoSG is also responsible for making sure that members have all of the correct improvements and is responsible for all trades and trade guilds.

Section 3: Succesion

In the event of an emergency vacancy in the Soapy 3, a member of The Soapy Council or The Soapy General will fill in the missing spot(s)

The Soapy 3 may appoint a substitute for their role in case they expect to be temporarily absent. For unexpected absences, or those extending beyond the length of term, the Soapy 3 and Soapy Council may appoint a substitute.


Article III: Elections

A: Elections for the Soapy 3 takes place every 4 months. A popular vote will be taken.

B: To make sure there's a fair election, The Soapy Council will monitor the election.

C: During the nomination period, SOAP members may nominate themselves or others for office and must be seconded by another member. HOWEVER the old govt members or a member of the Soapy 3 must approve of them running.

D: SOAP members may cast ONE vote for each Office. The candidate gaining the highest amount of votes for each Office is elected.

E: If it's a tie,then the Soapy Council and the Soapy 3 will vote in a tie-breaker. If there still is a tie,then the Soapy 3 vote amongst themselves.

F: After the election is complete, any government member may post the results.

G: Elections for the Soapy Coucnil will occur every 3 months. It is run the sam as a Soapy 3 election,except that the Soapy 3 monitor the election.

H:After the election is complete,any member of The Soapy 3 can post the results.

Article IV: War & Nuclear Weapons

Section 1: War

A: Any attack on a member nation will be treated as an attack on the entire alliance. This attack will be responded to with a declaration of war upon the offender. Aid and reps will be secured by The Soapy General and DoSF

B: SOAP is a peaceful alliance,but does allow tech-raiding. Only unaligned nations are allowed to be tech-raided.

Red and Purple nations are also forbiddened to be Tech-Raidied.

Section 2: Nuclear Weapons

Having nuclear weapons for only defensive purposes is allowed. Any member seeking to launch a nuke must only do so with Soapy 3 or Soapy Council permission.

This charter is subject to change when voted on by the leaders of the alliance.



here is your application link!


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