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Selling a donation

iron mike

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Most larger nations pay the smaller nations to do a $20 donation for them in return for 9-15Mil its usually would be done for 12Mil though because they only have 4 aid slots but if you have 5 aid slots and are a slightly bigger nation and/or are on good terms with your buyer(Your both in the same alliance or are friends) im sure he would be glad to give you 15Mil instead of 12Mil.

Now to answer your 2nd question a nation of my size 5,799.99 infra wise it cost about 25Mil for 200 infra so it is ceaper to buy a donation for 12Mil and the younger nation benefits because 12Mil for a younger nation is a lot of $ and he will be able to buy way more than 200 infra.

I hope this answers your questions. :)

O/ Gambit

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