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Alliance, need one

Kaiser Alox

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You can join the Union of Free States. We are strongly against Nazism and Fascism (being free and all), and you can be any team you want. Our forums are here:


Post there or send an in-game message to Rowan the Great, our recruitment officer. If you join the Union of Free States, you won't regret it!

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I cannot help you with the Blue team deal, however it's possible we could make an exception. The Norden Verein is a very nice alliance, with some relatively good connections and people.

If you are wanting to ask, we are not nazis. As a matter of fact, several months ago we dismantled the former Germanic Union known as the Nordreich. That was full of nazis. The newer state that was free of nazis is the Norden Verein. So, if it makes a difference we were started to get rid of nazis. :)

Anyways, it's all your choice, and there are plenty of alliances. It's all a game, so have fun. ;)

And I've been around since March of 06, so ignore the join date. I left for a few months and came back.

Like I said before though, have fun!

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i'll think about that Herr

do not take that the wrong way

I am Anti-Nazi

i seek to destroy them

Not a problem. I am aswell, and I get quite annoyed when people call me a nazi for my avatar. I am a Naval Man, and the man in my avatar is Karl Donitz, the "Great Admiral" of Germany. A great strategist. And most certainly NOT a nazi.
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is he the German Empire's

you know Before World War One

Yes, and no. He was merely the German equivalent of a Captian at that time. Excuse me if you know the ranks, many of the people here are American so I keep it set to something Americans would be able to reconize better. If you are from Germany like myself, then I will not insult your intelligence. He took over as President of Germany when Hitler killed himself. You could wiki him if you'd like.
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Hitler should be ashamed of what he did!

And are you peacefull most times?

We haven't been to war since last July. Not including people deserting us and attacking us becuase they got bored. That happened once I believe in September. Armed response was necessary to defend our assets. And as for your signature pic, you DO know Cyprus is now a Communist controlled nation? haha, just letting you know!
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