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U.S. Navy Seals *UNS*

Mikie The Great

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*UNS* U.S. NAVY SEALS Alliance

$300,000 sign on bonus!

Money trains for new members!

(The last Train gave each new member 750K)

The Pride Of The Yellow Sphere!

I would like you offer you the chance to join an alliance that has a lot more to offer than the others! We offer aid, forums, TeamSpeak server and advice just like all the other guys! Here in the *UNS* Alliance we also have A Council of experienced players that even low ranks can be a part of, Ranks, Honor

Ribbons, Complete advice on how to build your nation the fastest, a community of friends (not just names on a list of alliance members, Military Advisors, Tech buyers, Tech sellers and so much more! The average tech seller makes 1.3 to 1.6 million a deal! We just started our alliance but most of our members are experienced players! If you are interested in our alliance, please go to the following link to register! Thank you for your time!

<a href="http://unsalliance.freeforums.org" target="_blank">http://unsalliance.freeforums.org</a>

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