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The Mauves Collective is looking for new members!

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In-game AA: Mauves Collective

Forums: http://mauvescollective.ipbfree.com/index.php?act=idx

Irc: #mauvescollective @ coldfront

Mauves Collective:

Mauves Collective is a brand new alliance in the Purple Sphere. We are looking for new members who are up for laying a fundament for the alliance's future in a small team. Power is centralized in the Chief Officer, but there will be positions for anyone willing to do their part. Furthermore, we will be looking into possibilities for giving members more power in Mauves Collectives policy.

Membership forms

The Mauves Collective knows two forms of membership: Soldier or Citizen.

Soldiers will be more strictly organized and have more responsibilities than Citizens. Both enjoy equal rights and are essential to the alliance's wellbeing.

Of course, it is possible to change membership after signing at any time - save for situations where there is a realistic chance of war.

What we are offering:

We offer you a chance to contribute to the shaping of a brand new alliance and it's community. Both active and less active members are welcome, although Soldiers need a certain level of activity in order to perform up to standards.

As we are only a small alliance at this time, we receive protection from Invicta and UPN, so we may build our nations and alliance in safety!

What we are looking for:

We are looking for enthusiastic CN players that want more than an AA - that want to be part of something new and are willing to put in a collective effort to sow the reward: core membership to a growing alliance that emphasizes simple yet effective organization and a warm community.

We hope to see you soon!

The Mauve Manifest:


ARTICLE 1. Establishment of The Mauves Collective

The Mauves Collective is established as an entity to provide a safe haven for nations of all sorts to prosper in through trades, aid, shared knowledge and military protection.

The Mauves Collective is based upon the principles of Loyalty and Shared Benefits as a result of Shared Efforts.

The Mauves Collective is a Purple Team alliance.

ARTICLE 2. Membership of the Mauves Collective

a. Membership is open to all nations. Applicants may be subject to research.

b. Membership of the Mauves Collective becomes official when the applicant has signed the Charter.

c. Membership may be revoked by the Chief Officer of the Mauves Collective.

d. The member nation that has its membership revoked does not officially become expelled from the Mauves Collective if the subject can find support from exactly one third or more of the alliance members in a poll.

e. Membership to The Mauves Collective is divided into Soldiers and Citizens. Both enjoy equal rights, yet Soldiers are as a rule dedicated to a strong focus on Military strength.

f. The Mauves Collective is a Purple-oriented alliance. All nations must therefore switch to Purple Team within 14 days of joining The Mauves Collective.

g. Nations that do not switch to Purple within 14 days run the risk of being expelled.

h. All members shall fly 'Mauves Collective' as an AA.

i. Any member leaving within 6 months of signing the Manifest is to repay any outstanding debts to the Mauves Collective, being in this sense, any aid received during that time.

j. Any member leaving after 6 months of signing the Manifest is to repay all outstanding loans that it has received from the Mauves Collective.

ARTICLE 3. The Mauves Collective Government

a. The Mauves Collective Government is formed by the Chief Officer, and the President.

b. The Chief Officer remains in function until he resigns. A new Chief Officer will then be chosen by the resigning Chief Officer.

c. The President is chosen by the members of The Mauves Collective through simple majority vote in bi-monthly elections. The first president will be chosen as soon as the 20-member mark has been hit.

d. The new President and the Chief Officer use the President’s election program to come to a 2-month program which sets the course for the alliance for the following 2 months.

e. The President may appoint secretaries to assist him in his duties.

f. The President may take command of the day to day internal efforts in The Mauves Collective like economics, justice and membership, but the Chief Officer may veto any decision made by the President.

g. When the President resigns, a new President will be chosen within one week.

h. The Chief Commander of The Mauves Collective, or someone designated by the Chief Officer are the only members that can sign treaties or any sort of contracts with external parties.

ARTICLE 4. The Mauves Collective Defense Regulations

a. No member of The Mauves Collective is allowed to declare war on any nation in CN without approval of the government.

b. No member of The Mauves Collective is allowed to aid any nation outside The Mauves Collective without approval of the government.

c. In case of an outside attack, the attack is to be reported to the government. No other action is to be taken by any member.

d. Participation in war-games is mandatory (within the borders of reason) for Soldiers, as is participation in attacks or any other specialized Military Operation.

e. All Soldiers must follow orders concerning military organisation and logistics.

ARTICLE 5. The Mauves Collective High-Court

a. The High Court of The Mauves Collective may be approached by any member to resolve an internal issue and also deals with Court Martial affairs.

b. The High Court consists of the Chief Officer and the President.

c. If no President is currently available, the High Court shall postpone any verdicts until a new President is available.

d. Verdicts of the High Court are binding for all members of The Mauves Collective.

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Don't be a number! Get aboard the Mauves Collective and ask not what your nation can do for your alliance - ask what your alliance can do for your nation!

We are dedicated to getting your nation up in the ranks, simply because it is vital to our Collective succes.

Join the Mauves. Chicks dig us.

choo-choo! All aboooaaaarrrdddd! :awesome:

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We're small, but that is a good thing! You can really make a difference now and get the satisfaction of building up an alliance.

...whilst being as safe as can be! Two great alliances (UPN and Invicta) are our protectors.

JOIN and START HAVING FUN! :awesome:

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That's a nice thing to say :wub:

JOIN NOW --> Members who are in before our one-week anniversary (which is in a little less than 6 hours and 45 minutes) will receive not one, but THREE million in aid.

(Your nation must be under 5k NS to profit from this though, little guys first!)

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9 members, 2 in the pipeline.

Slowly but surely, nations are figuring out that Mauves Collective is the place to go for young nations looking for swift growth.

Join today - we're happy to have any nation, large or small, that is not considered a rogue or placed on any sanction list.

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24 nations, mostly new ones. That's cool, we're looking forward to help 'em build up their nations.

We could however also use some more experienced nation rulers. So if you're looking for a challenge. Want to help build up an alliance and perhaps become a government official: Mauves Collective could be a great choice for you!!


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