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Big Three Black Circle


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Circle is filled out. Thanks for looking and an especial thanks to Justitia for incorporating my suggestion for a functional trading area in the form of this new trade harbor. Use it well.

Ok, I'm cross-posting this from the Black Conclave trading forum, so most of the spots are already filled.

This circle provides Fast food, beer, and construction with some resources extraneous to those for a population boost and income generation. If you're a smaller duder and without a harbor but with the resources needed I will send you harbor money. Full effects below the resources list.

[Aluminum] - kgianfagna

[Cattle] - cookmeup272

[Fish] - Schattenmann

[silver] - Schattenmann

[iron] - Mechanus

[Lumber] - Roger Mudd

[Marble] - alexander hess

[Pigs] - Roger Mudd

[spices] - kgianfagna

[sugar] - Mechanus

[Water] - alexander hess

[Wheat] - cookmeup272

Cummulative effects:

Population: +27.5%

Soldier Efficiency: +35%

Initial Infrastructure Cost: -32%

Aircraft Cost: -8%

Land Cost: -15%

Citizen Income: +$2.00

Happiness: +11.5

Soldier Cost: -$3.50

Infrastructure Upkeep: -18%

Tank Upkeep: -5%

Purchased Land Area Increased by: 18%

Population Density Before Happiness Decrease: +50

Environment: +10%

Aircraft Limit: +10

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Unfortunately we only need the resources not currently filled - aluminum and spices.

I got your message. I'm out on joining the trade group. i need wheat but I don't need cattle. Plus I'm already involved in two long term trades so I don't have the slots available.

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