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5x5 #2. 500tech/21days....


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Ok here it is. 500 tech to your nation in 21 days. Easy? Yes! Cost? $15mil ($3mil/100tech) Middlemen? NO!


Will start on the 13th of march.

Here is the set up.

Day 1.

Each of the 5 buyers sends $mil to each of the 5 sellers.

Buyers total sent each = $15mil

Sellers total $ received each = $15mil.

Day 11.

Each of the sellers sends out 50 tech to each of the 5 buyers.

Each buyer receives 250 tech that day.

Day 21.

Each of the sellers sends out 50 tech to each of the 5 buyers.

Each buyer receives 250 tech that day.

Total tech gained = 500.

Buyer 1 LeVentNoir

Buyer 2 Emperor B

Buyer 3 Dragon919

Buyer 4 Emperor mccole

Buyer 5 feardaram

Seller 1 Brokeback Nation

Seller 2 Gnomia

Seller 3 Ashen Isles

Seller 4 Definitive

Seller 5 TimmmyTheHat

This dead will he happening as soon as possible. Buyers please have 5 open aid slots and $15 mil on hand.

Sellers please have 5 open slots.

Apply with buyer/seller and nation link.

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Just a little clarification: If you're calling our attacks on Wolrld of Waldo raids, you're mistaking. We're just avenging Gnome. He was in the middle of a tech deal when that joker decided to raid him. I'm just striking back for Gnome, since he can't anymore. Well, his nation strength was a lot less after the attacks before he got a generous gift from a player who was leaving the game.

If I keep attacking him, will the deal be off for my fellow alliance members? In that case I'll back off. If not, I'll keep the pressure on him. I'm not interested in being part of this deal, if that makes a difference...

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I do not care about defensive wars and retaliatory things, just new raids. I don't want you to annoy a large alliance and leave me with a bunch of dead tech sellers...

PS i sent this to Gnomes attacker...

You will offer peace to the nation you attacking NOW

1) He is going to be in a tech deal with me and others.

2) We don't want our money / tech stolen

3) IF you don't comply, look at my nations and realise I can put a world of hurt on you. Like advertising you on the OWF.

I'm not kidding, you have no alliance to hide behind, offer peace NOW.

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