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Bills lower than expected...


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You took delivery of 50 tech on the 24th, this probably was enough to change your upkeep costs under this formula:

Technology decreases infrastructure upkeep costs up to a maximum 10% discount based on the following formula: (2 * Technology Level) / Nation Strength = Percent off infrastructure upkeep bill.

and reduce your upkeep bills on infrastructure by the amount you noticed.

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  • Did you get any new trades?
  • Events?
My bills have consistently (past 5/6 days) been 1,196k. Today they dropped to 1,191k. I don't believe I bought or sold anything...
Any ideas that aren't trades or events?

Check your math again.
Did you change your government?
Decom military (what he said ^^)

Meh.. might have been the tech...

*King Pomi requests lock..

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