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Unitas per Viras

United we Stand

Section I ~ Citizenship

If a Nation wishes to be a member of Destiny, it must fulfill their requirements in order to be officially stated as a Member.

The requirements are as follows:

Switch team color to Orange

No active wars, even if in defensive position

No active foreign aid offers

Give pledge of allegiance to Destiny and her constitution

To check her defense unit once a week

Application Form:

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Team Color:

Previous Alliance (if any):

Position held in Previous Alliance:

Link to Nation:

Do you agree to abide by, honor, and uphold the charter of Destiny?

Section II ~ Government Structure

The House of Lords

The House of Lords is made up of the five Lords of House.

Lord of War

Lord of Economics

Lord of Foreign Affairs

Lord of Internal Affairs

Lord of Membership

One member of the house of lords will carry more burden than the others and will serve as the ‘face’ of the alliance as long as need be in the present situation of the formation of Destiny. The five seats in the house of the lords are permanent unless a lord wishes to a)resign or B) has been found guilty of treason/has committed crime against the alliance or c) A vote will have to be set by a member of the alliance by which 75% of the members wish to see the current lord be revoked of his powers. The Lords who each represent their sect of the government have free control over whatever issues/ideas they will to present to the House of Lords. Each Lord has equal authority and any changes to the constitution must be voted on unanimously by the Lords.

Lord of War

The Lord of War is responsible for the safety of the alliance and her members. The Lord of war has the authority to issue any ZI (Zero infrastructure) warnings and is responsible for any pending trials/obstruction of justice in the alliance. The Lord serves to bring justice to any oppressors.

Lord of Economics

The Lord of Economics is responsible for financial issues regarding the alliance. He has the power to create any financial programs. He is responsible for the financial well-being of all the members of the alliance. This lord’s responsibility is to keep the alliance growing and prosperous.

Lord of Foreign Affairs

The Lord of Foreign Affairs is responsible for any diplomatic issues regarding the alliance. This lord has is the supreme authority in diplomatic issues. The #1 diplomatic envoy who controls any diplomatic issues regarding the alliance. Is responsible for setting up embassies for incoming envoys and to keep the alliance in peace with other alliances.

Lord of Internal Affairs

The Lord of Internal Affairs is the lord responsible for keeping the alliance and her members updated on any new issues. This lord will be a moderator of sort and keep balance inside the alliance.

Lord of Membership

The Lord of Membership is responsible for all new applicants. This lord is responsible for creating a test of his choice of questions/answers which the applicant must answer correctly with 100% efficiency or be swiftly denied. Responsible over ALL issues regarding new applicants and any current members who have committed internal alliance wrongs.

Section III ~ Defense Policies

Tech Raiding

Tech raiding is prohibited. As a peaceful alliance which wishes to further promote peace/grow her alliance, tech raiding is prohibited and deemed unnecessary by the House of Lords.

Intra Alliance Warfare

The House of Lords and most notably the Lord of War has the say on all wars. Destiny is a peaceful alliance which wishes to prosper and grow among the other peaceful alliances of Planet Bob. If there is a threat to the security of Destiny and it cannot be solved diplomatically, the Lord of War will carry out any war orders.

Defense Organization- Her Majesty’s Army

Five Units of War will be organized into the following NS sects

0-10000 NS=4th Brigade

10001-20000 NS=3rd Brigade

20001-30000 NS= 2nd Brigade

30001+ NS=1st Brigade

A Field Marshall will command each unit and weekly check-in will be required.

Destiny’s Royal Knights

Due to the rising threats against safety, Destiny will create a special unit of active war machines that will check the forums for threats at least once a day. These Assassins will be at the direct order of the Lord of War who will give orders if there is a threat against the alliance.

Nuclear Policy

Destiny encourages the creation of nuclear weapons, but only as a defensive weapon. Unless hit by nuclear weapons first, all Destiny nations are required to keep their nuclear stock pile in check and only fire if fired upon first. Any nuclear weapon attacks must be approved by the Lord of War.


Amendments to The Document can be made at any time by the House of Lords. No other member of Destiny is bestowed the power to change the Charter.

Forums:http://www.cndestiny.ipbfree.com/ It is in the works and should be complete in a week or two.

IRC: IRC:http://www.coldfront.net/pjirc/chat.htm #Destiny

I am in no hurry to rush this alliance. I need competent, loyal people to help unite this alliance. I will be taking the position of either the Lord of War or the Lord of Economics, I will need 4 co-founders to help me build this alliance. You may contact me at sorrow_da@hotmail.com or chat with me on the IRC channel, I will be on most days from 4est to around 10 est.


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