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League of Aqua Nations


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The League of Aqua Nations

Who We Are

- The League of Aqua Nations is an Aqua only alliance dedicated to the interests and advancement of all Aqua Sphere nations.

Why join us?

The League of Aqua Nations is founded on the ideals of integrity, honour, and respect, all of which is expected in members of the alliance. We put our members first, and ensure that all members are treated equally under our three main principles. The alliance is run as a democracy in which all members are able to have a say in their government, but in which all members must fully uphold the duties and responsibilities of membership. During times of war and peace, members are expected to show full respect to both their allies and enemies, to work together honourably and fairly, and to be unified and work together as one. Any nations looking to join an alliance which promotes these values, need not look any further.


All members joining the League of Aqua Nations must meet the following requirements:

- Must be a member of the Aqua Sphere

- Must not be at war with a member of any alliance

- Must not be on the ZI list of any alliance

- Must fill out a standard application forum (see below)

How to Join (Membership)

Joining the League of Aqua Nations is a quick and simple process. Once a standard application form has been filled out at our website, you will be looked over. Assuming all above requirements are met, you will be accepted into the alliance, usually within 24 hours.

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Team Color (must be set to [big]Aqua[/big]):

Previous Alliance (if any):

Position held in Previous Alliance:

Link to Nation:

Do you agree to abide by, honor, and uphold the Charter of the League of Aqua Nations?

How to Join (Diplomat)

To register as a diplomat to the League of Aqua Nations, register at our website and submit a diplomat registration form (see below) in our Immigration Forum. You will be looked over, and assuming all questions have been filled out properly, will be granted a mask/embassy to our alliance.

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Team Color:

Link to Nation:


Link to Alliance Forum:

Would you like an Embassy to be created for your alliance:

Do you understand that as a diplomat from your alliance you represent your alliance and your actions on this board will be in the name of your alliance?

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions, you may contact Captain Ian, Hepoco, or myself. Any of us will be able to answer any questions which you may have about the alliance.

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This is a fine aqua alliance, I know a few members and they are good people. This is a newer, growing alliance with expierenced members to help new nations out. You also have a chance to get your foot in on the ground floor to help shape an alliance as it grows, Joining LAN is all about opportunities for friendship.

Hail LAN

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