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$20 Febuary Donation For Sale

LJ Scott

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Im selling a $20 donation for this month.

Im selling it for 500 tech, but not in the way you might think. It'll only cost you $15m.

Basically it's up to you to find 5 people willing to sell 100 tech each. You pay each one of these nations $3m (or less if they'll do it for cheaper) and they then send me 50 tech each. After the first round of this is done Ill make the donation. Then after 10 days the nations you've paid send the second round of tech, thus completing the deal.

So in total your paying 5 people $3m~ each for 100 tech, costing you $15m~ in total.

I would prefer if you could find all the tech sellers, and equally prefer it more if the tech sellers where members of your alliance.

PM me in-game here or on these forums if interested. I can also be found on IRC as LJ_Scott, best place to find me being #paradox.

Ive done more than my fair share of deals to grow so I'd say I'm pretty good to my word.

Also if this goes well, I may be willing to continue to do donations for you in the following months.

Note: If I recieve multiple offers then I will accept the first person who manages to get all 5 tech sellers.

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