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Questions about tech trade


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Hope anyone can answer me

1.Is it safe to tech trade what if i get scammed or something?

2.I plan to buy my tech to 50 and sell it to other nations and buy again and buy again and sell? is this possible lol..

3.uhmm.. how does middle man work

4.When i sell all my tech my price of tech would be restarted to 10,000 per level again right?

Currently i have 7 tech and i would buy up to 50 and sell them to have money for harbor and other improvements and so.

Hope for your answers thanks in advance

Here is my nation link


nation of him and her

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1. You're never completely safe but as long as you have the back-up of your alliance then if you do get scammed you should be able to 'sort it out'.

Most alliances have in-house tech markets so if you can get involved in one of those then it's safe and it will all be arranged for you.

2. The way to do it is to take the money, buy the tech, send it out and what's left is you profit. Nothing wrong with this but remember each aid slot is tied up for 10 days and you can only deal with each nation once in those 10 days.

3. New tech schemes mean these are being phased out but will need to be used if you're sorting out single deals yourself - as you can only send aid between another nation once every 10 days if someone send you money you won't be able to send them the tech for 10 days. Sending the money through a middle-man solves that.

4. Yes, the tech cost is based on your current level not what you have bought and sold in the past.

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yahoooo nice nice thank you for your answer though i have been in luck somebody needed my resources so his sending me 3 mil for me to buy a harbor and we can long trade yahooo lol ahhh lucky lol.

Thank you for the answer pete Mardle.

Edit*weee i can buy my harbor now lol

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