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Attacked after war ended by nation not at war with me

Conan the Barbeque

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I received this:

To: conan the barbeque From: TwistedRebelDB47 2/20/2008 12:10:46 AM Subject: Battle Report

You have been attacked by TwistedRebelDB47. You lost 24,974 soldiers and 7,164 tanks. You killed 7,136 soldiers and 470 tanks. Their forces razed 75.000 miles of your land, stole 5.000 technology, and destroyed 20.000 infrastructure. Their forces looted $1,000,000.00 from you and you gained $0.00 in your enemy's abandoned equipment. In the end the battle was a Defeat. Any existing peace offers that were on the table have been automatically canceled.

After this I repurchased some 24K~ troops, and my infra dropped, which is proof that it happened.

"2/12/2008 11:39:00 PM

"Driven by hate" 2/20/2008 *Expired* White Team

Old Dominion

Ruler: TwistedRebelDB47

Alliance: The Phoenix Federation Green Team

The Outlands

Ruler: conan the barbeque

Alliance: Green Protection Agency War Expired"

The war ended this morning; I cannot counter attack.

Is this a bug? Surely I should have been attacked after the war ended.

Can I have my stuff back?

ie: 20 infra, 75 miles of land, cash for tanks and troops, and $1m looted?

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