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Global Protectorate Organization


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The Global Protectorate Organization would like to invite you to join us.If you are a prospective new member,and you are looking for a more than just an alliance,but a community.We hope you will consider the Global Protectorate Organization.

Founded: February 13,2008


The Global Protectorate Organization(GPO) is a democratic,neutral alliance in the Blue sphere.The GPO is a community based on a foundation of loyalty,trust,friendship and honor within the membership.As a member of the Global Protectorate Organization,you will have the financial,military,economic (trades,tech deals,etc)mentoring guides,and much more to help you succeed.

GPO Member Benefits

*Start Up Aid and In-Game Aid*

*Tech and Nation Trade Deals*

*Nation Building Tools,Nation Mentors,Nation Aid,Loans*

*GPO Government and Senate Positions Open to all Members*

*A Community of Friends*

* Protection from the Alliance,and our Allies*

*Advice from experienced players*

Our Forums: Global Protectorate Organization

Global Protectorate Organization Constitution


The members of the Global Protectorate Organization, have come together in unity to create the Constitution of the Global Protectorate Organization, which guarantees that all protections, rights and freedoms of our member nations are continually upheld and enforced. As a neutral,peaceful alliance,the GPO continually supports peace around the world. We join together in unity and friendship in order to provide for the common defense of our alliance and allies, and the general welfare of our members.

Section 1:Membership, Admission and Banishment

GPO welcomes nations of all sizes, strengths and influence to apply for membership in the Global Protectorate Organization.

Admission to the GPO is simple.All applicants must apply for membership,follow all specified requirements,then be an active member of the alliance forums.

Any member may be banished if they violate the rules of the alliance,and or Constitution.Any member who violate the alliance rules or Constitution,will be held for trial in the Global Court of Judicial Affairs.

Section 2: Global Protectorate Organization Government

A. President

The President of the GPO is the leader of the alliance and makes sure everything is in order,and that that the alliance is following the general principals’ of the Constitution.

B. Vice President

The Vice-President will be in charge of presiding over the Senate ensuring that all nations rights are upheld and defended. And is in charge f the Alliance when the President is not present to do so.

C. Minister or Defense

The Minister of Defense oversees all plans for attack and defence of the alliance.

D. Minister of Foreign Affairs The MOFA is also responsible for negotiating treaties with foreign powers and organizing the diplomatic corps. The MOFA is in charge of all diplomatic relations for the Global Protectorate Organization Alliance.

E. Minister of Internal Affairs

The Minister of Internal Affairs is in charge of new membership applications,the mentr programs, as well as educating,assisting and recruiting new members for the alliance.

F. Minister of Finance and Trade

The Minister of Trade and Finance (MOTF) is responsible for aiding all member nations in getting trades, for managing and organizing the alliance banks and for establishing all aid.

Article 3: Senate

i. The Senate is made up of members in the General Membership,and the ministers of each department in the House of Commons.

ii. Senators are elected once a year by the General Membership.

iii. The Senate votes on all treaties, and those treaties will be passed by a simple majority.

iv. v. The Senate, and the Secretary of Defense may declare war on a foreign power with a two thirds decision. The President may declare war without approval of the Senate only if Emergency Powers are in affect at the time.

v. All legislation passed by the Senate,must be signed off on by the President.If for some reason the President is not present to sign off on legislation,within 3 days time,the VP may sign the legislation.

Article 4: Global Protectorate Organization Membership

i. The General Membership is made up of all members of the GPO alliance.

ii. The General Membership is responsible for electing government officials.

Section 3: House of Commons

Article 1: Legislation

i. The Senate may veto any amendments to the constitution.

ii. The House of Commons and the Senate are required iin maintaining this Constitution.

iii. The House of Commons and the Senate oversee all punishments in violation of the constitution,and alliance laws,etc. When serious violations occur,they are required to send notice of the offenses to the Global Court of Judicial Affairs.

Section 4: War Declaration,Agression and Nuke Policy

Section 1: Declaration of War

Declarations of war require a majority vote by the House of Commons,and be approved by the Minister of Defense.

Section 2: Aggression Policy

No alliance member will engage in unauthorized wars of aggression for any purpose, including tech raiding. Tech raiding is not allowed by alliance rule of the Global Protectorate Organization.Any nation found to be conducting these activities shall be subject to removal from the alliance, and/or trial by the Global Court of Judicial Affairs.

Section 3: Nuclear Policy

The GPO has instituted a strict nukes policy. Any nation that uses nukes against any GPO member or allie,will be subject to retaliation. Any nation violating this policy is subject to trial in the Global COurt of Judicial Affairs.The punishement upon conviction,banishment from the Alliance.

Section 5: Mergers, Disbandenment and Amendments

Article 1: Mergers

i. Alliance mergers may only be approved by the Senate.

ii. A merger is defined as when a foreign power joins the alliance as a whole, and the alliance changes neither its name nor its charter/constitution, and accepts no new treaties in the process of the merger.

iii. All mergers must be passed by a two-thirds majority of the Senate and must be signed off on by the President.

Article 2: Disbanding

i. In order for the alliance to disband, it takes the approval of the Senate and the signature of the President.

This concludes the Constitution for the Global Protectorate Organization Alliance.

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