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I am President Millhouse of the First United Council, and I am here to try and pursuade you to join our alliance. I have posted our constitution to show you what the rules are at FUC so that you know what you would be held to if you joined our alliance.

The First United Council is a very close knit community full of both experienced and new players that are willing to help each other, and the alliance, achieve the goals that they set for themselves. Most alliances offer protection and financial aid, but we also add the friendship and value in new members that other alliances may not. We are here to help each other, and no member is ever considered to be just a member. Just look at the second constitutional amendment giving every member the chance to make their ideas and voiced heard in our General Assembly. This is a rare opportunity that would be hard to find in other alliances.

If you do decide to join the First United Council, all you have to do is sign up on our forums at http://z15.invisionfree.com/FDC. After you sign up, you will receive a $500,000 sign-up bonus with more aid to follow.

Once again, if you are looking for a close knit alliance that bases its actions on what is best for all members of the alliance and not just the most powerful, then look no further than the First United Council.

President Millhouse

P.S. FUC is now a protectorate of the Order of Feudalistic Security!

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The nations of the First United Council stand for the right of liberty and will willingly defend these rights to end. It is with the rights of all peoples of the First United Council that this constitution is written. The nations of the FUC are all sworn to protect this constitution and the laws that it lays forth.

Article 1- Admission into the FUC:

To become a member of the First United Council, one must be in good standing with the nations in CyberNations and the members of the FUC. One must not be engaged in any armed conflict during time of application and must provide all information that is asked in a timely fashion. Membership will be rejected or rescinded if the alliance finds that one has dual membership with another alliance.

Once Admitted, one must change their alliance affiliation to First United Council and change their team color to white.

Article II- Office of the President:

The President of the First United Council will serve a life term as long as good performance is maintained.The President can be removed from office only if he is found guilty of dereliction of duty by at least three quarters of the voting senators in the General Assembly.

The Job of the President as Head of State and Head of Government is to make sure that the alliance is fulfilling its obligation of protecting the rights of its members and allies in cyberverse. He has the right to create treaties and trade agreements with other alliances and can declare war if he has the support of two thirds of senators in the General Assembly. The President is also required to give biweekly reports to the General Assembly and the other members of the First United Council.

The Vice President(VP) will serve at the pleasure of the President. He will be appointed by the President and must be confirmed by a 2/3 majority of the General Assembly. His duties include admitting new members, signing treaties, and performing other duties as stated by the President

The VP will from time to time at the bidding of the President preside over the daily function of the alliance if the President is unable to do so. The VP must also oversee the voting of the General Assembly and will only vote in the event of an even split among senators.

Article III- Cabinet Positions:

All cabinet positions will be filled by the President as long as the General Assembly confirms each Nominee with a two thirds majority vote.

Secretary of State: This position must be filled and run by an individual with interests in creating positive relations between the First United Council and other alliances in Cyber Nations. This position also requires that one to maintain embassies in ally forums and Embassies from other alliances in these forums. The Secretary of State must inform the President of foreign policy initiatives before they are enacted, and the President has the final say in all foreign policy decisions. The Secretary of State is the only one to perform diplomacy talks other than the President unless they have authorized another member of the alliance to do so.

Secretary of Defense: This position must be held by an individual with an interest and knowledge in military matters. The Secretary of Defense (SecDef) is required to appoint members to positions in the armed forces. Once war has been declared, it is the job of the SecDef to issue marching orders with the approval of the President. The SecDef must give weekly briefing to the President to inform on the ability of the armed forces.

Secretary of the Treasury: This position must filled by someone with financial finess. The Secretary of the Treasury is required to maintain the alliance coffers and conduct trade and purchases with other alliances. Their signature is required on all trade agreements. It is also the job of the Secretary of the Treasury to begin and maintain a banking system for the First United Council.

The Secretary of Labor: This position must be filled by an individual with the will to grow and educate the membership of the First United Council. The Labor Secretary is in charge of recruiting new members to the alliance, and educating existing members on the best means to allow nations to prosper economically and militarily. He must give weekly reports to the President on the current status of the Department of Labor.

Article IV- The General Assembly:

The General Assembly is tasked with the general well being of the alliance. They are required to approve all Cabinet Nominations and Treaties put forth by the President. They may also create new laws as they see fit with approval of the President who has the power to veto any legislation that he sees unfit to be put into law.

General Assembly Chairman: The General Assembly will be led by the General Assembly Chairman who is responsible for making decisions about voting procedures and debate restrictions on the floor of the GA and allowing for progress to be made on the floor of the GA. He also must approve all legislation before it is sent to the President to be signed into law. The Chairman must advise the President on all matters before the GA every week. The Chairman is popularly elected from amongst the senators after each election and will serve until the next election or the GA is dissolved by the President for lack of progress.

Senators: The General Assembly will be made up of senators popularly elected by the members of the First United Council. The Senators will be elected by members in the same nation strength class. Each Nation strength class will be responsible for putting forth at least two senators to the General Assembly. The Nation strength classes are as follows 500-999, 1000-1499, 1500-1999...etc. All members will serve for 3 month terms no matter if their nation strength increases or decreases. Elections will run for a period of three days after which the vote will be tallied and the winner announced by the President.

Article V- The Military:

All member nations of the First United Council are required to participate in the armed forces. The nations will be assigned divisions based on their nation strength.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff- This position is appointed by the Secretary of Defense with the approval of the President. This position does not require approval by the General Assembly.

The Chairman is in charge of all military conflicts unless overruled by the Secretary of Defense or the President. He is in charge of maintaining the armed forces and enlisting all members into the armed forces. He is not allowed to declare war.

Article VI- Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court will consist of three justices that are well versed in the laws of the First United Council. All justices must first be approved by the General Assembly and will serve life terms. It is their duty to determine whether any law or treaty is in violation of the constitution or any law that has been previously upheld by the court. They have the power to declare any legislation, treaty or law as unconstitutional at which point it is null and void.

Article VII- Amendment:

The Constitution can be amended by a three quarters vote by the General Assembly. The amendment may be proposed by any member of the government and must be voted on within a weeks time of being proposed.

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