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Trade Cheating?


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me and my friend are trying to trade resources and it keeps flagging the trade as cheating.

this problem is really starting to piss me off, as it's the fourth time this has happened.

Here is the link to my Nation: http://cybernations.net/nation_drill_displ...ation_ID=203226

here is the link to my friend's nation: http://cybernations.net/nation_drill_displ...ation_ID=203470

someone help?

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He lives in the same city, but since i got him into the game just about 2 weeks ago, he hasn't been to my house, and i haven't been to his.

unless school computers count.

crap. i didn't even think about that....

thanks guys. i figured that at first but i wasn't too sure, so i had to make sure there wasn't another possible reason.

so if you use a public library to log onto your nation, and by some coincidence your neighbor who you've unknowingly been trading with logs on after you leave, then it'll be flagged as cheating?

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