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The Dark Coalition

Crimson King

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The Dark Coalition is a relatively small alliance looking for new members. We are a democratic alliance that elects its leaders. The Dark Coalition also has an active community that welcomes members of any size and values everyones input.

Link to forums http://z15.invisionfree.com/The_Dark_Coali...dex.php?act=idx

Dark Coalition Charter

Code Of Ethics

All Coalition members will maintain a code of ethics. Members will follow the orders of their superiors unless those orders violate the code of conduct. No member will attack other nations unprovoked or without just cause, this includes attacking for the purpose of obtaining tech. Members will not steal money from others or the alliance. Members will not access other alliances' boards without their permission or conduct any form of spying on another alliance. Membership in multiple alliances is prohibited. All members will be civil and respectful of each other. Failure to comply with this code of ethics will result in a punishment determined by the High Council. All members must swear to abide by these ethics.

Article I: Government

Section 1: The High Council

The High Council is the ruling body of the coalition. It shall consist of 5 members: The Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Minister of Defense, Minister of Internal Affairs, and Minister of Trade and Finance. Each minister has control over appointments and running of their departments. All members have one vote in the High Council and are equal. All treaties and alliance announcements must have a 3/5 approval from the High Council. Declarations of war require 4/5 council approval.

Section 2: Selection of the High Council

All High Council positions shall be elected except for the Prime Minister. Elections shall take place every 3 months and all members will be able to vote. Elections will take place over a period of 5 days with 3 days for debate and 2 days for voting. Debates and Platforms will be hosted by the Prime Minister

Section 3: Removal of Council Member

Any council member can call a vote of no confidence on another. Removal requires 100% approval of council members other then the one in question. All council members must be present at voting. The council then chooses a replacement to be passed with a 2/3 approval of general membership. Voting of general membership shall take place over 72 hours. During times of emergency, the high council has emergency powers to elect a replacement official. After the emergency has passed the membership must approve of the new council member normally.

Section 3: Duties of The High Council

Prime Minister: The figurehead of the alliance and chief diplomat. Helps out around in other departments where needed. All departments are subject to the Prime Ministers Authority. The Prime Minister shall appoint his replacement when he resigns. In case of deletion from inactivity the High Council shall appoint a new PM.

Foreign Minister: In charge of all foreign affairs. Dispatches diplomats, writes treaties and negotiates with other alliances. Assigns embassies for visiting diplomats and masks them

Minister of Defense: Makes sure the alliance is always prepared for possible war. Also deals in organizing the military in an efficient way and works in tandem with the FM in dealing with rouge attacks.

Minister of Internal Affairs: Organizes all internal alliance affairs. Responsibilities include: recruiting new members into our ranks: Screening, reviewing, accepting or rejecting all applicants for the alliance. Responsible for all education of new members and keeping updated guides on all important in-game workings.

Minister of Trade and Finance: Organizes all inner alliance aid programs including harbor grants, tech deals, peacetime and wartime aid. Also manages various trade systems. This includes organizing trade circles and whatnot.

Article II: Admission

All members must make a thread in the Application section of the Dark Coalition forums to be admitted. All members must swear to uphold the code of ethics. The Minister of Internal Affairs will determine other specific questions and processes for admission.

Article III: Treaty Approval

After being approved with a 3/5 majority in the High Council, all treaties will be sent to the general membership for approval. Treaties will pass with at least 2/3 approval of general membership. Votes shall take place over 48 hours.

Article IV: Amendment Process

Amendments can be introduced by any member at any time. Amendments pass with a 3/5 council and 2/3 general membership approval. Voting shall take place over 72 hours.

Article V: Military Policy

Section 1: Declaring war

Declarations of war require 4/5 of the High Council’s approval.

Section 2: Aggression Policy

No alliance member will engage in unauthorized wars of aggression for any purpose, including tech raiding. Using spies is prohibited unless at war. Any nation found to be conducting these activities shall be subject to removal from the alliance and or trial.

Section 3: Nuclear Policy

The Dark Coalition has a no first strike nukes policy. Any nation that nukes a Dark Coalition member is subject to full nuclear retaliation. Any nation violating this policy is subject to removal from the alliance and or trial.

Section 4: Aid

No member of The Dark Coalition shall aid any nation outside of The Dark Coalition that is engaged in war without permission from The High Council

Article VI: Disbandment

To be disbanded, the general members must vote and have a 4/5 approval. Voting shall take place over 72 hours.

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