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Order of Sovereignty


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Article 1- Order of Sovereignty

-We the people of Order of Sovereignty are a purple team We will stand up for what we believe in and we will offer, protection, advice, money and friends in this grand Alliance.

-We guarantee membership.

- Leadership and Government positions will be delegated to members who have shown vast knowledge of the cn world and an dedication to the alliance.

Article 2- Membership

Membership Structure

-Emperor- The Emperor is the creator of our civilization and therefor has all power and can make any decision he deems necessary in the protection and expansion of such alliance.

-Regents – Regents are members of government put in place by the emperor. Regents consist of the following positions

-Mofa – Minister of foreign affairs,

-Moia – Ministry of internal affairs,

-Mow – Minister of war. Any regent position can be created with a vote of 75% of government

-To join the alliance you must make an application on our website and change you AA to Order of Sovereignty

-No applicants will be admitted who are currently in a war.

Article 3- Government

-Order of Sovereignty government will consist of a panel of the Emperor, and his Regents.

-Councilors will consist of members who have been voted in by there people..

-Councilor Elections will take place once every 3 months, and amount of positions will be determined as one councilor per 20 nations.

-A regent can be dismissed with a vote of 75% of fellow government

-A emperor can be dismissed by a casting vote of 75% +1 of all member nations

- In the event a Emperor nation goes inactive or rogue, a vote will commence of regents to elect a new emperor.

Article 4-Duties

-Generals duties are to make sure their company members are active and they report to a roll call every month. They give orders to Lieutenants and ensure that these orders are being carried out.

-Lieutenants are responsible for making sure the Generals orders are followed out and to keep in eye out for members during war time.

Article 5- War

-If an attack occurs without permission you will be expelled from the alliance.

-Battle reports must be posted in battle report topic.

-We are a neutral and peaceful alliance, but will defend ourselves if provoked.

-No war can be commenced with ought the permission of the Emperor, or the MoW

- No attacks will be made unless ordered to do so by the Emperor or any member of government.

Article 6- Aid

-Any aid supplied to a member of the alliance will be granted as long as they are in the alliance.

-Upon dismissal or leaving all monies aided out will be paid back to the alliance.

-Failure to do will constitute a a war on said nation until the state of Z/I

Article 7- Tech Raiding

- Tech raiding is allowed.

-Only one tech raid is permitted at one instance

-Tech raid targets cannot be aligned nation (unless under 5 members), They can also not be a member of the Purple, or Red color sphere.

-tech raids will follow this attack pattern, Ground, Ground Peace. Failure to comply will result in a Temporary or if more serious permanent raid ban.

-Illegal raids will be peaced immediately and reps will be paid in the amount no less then 150% damages.

Article 9- Spying

- Any spy operation are looked upon as a declaration of war and will be dealt with swiftly.

Article 10 – Nuclear Policy

-We are an peaceful alliance, therefor we will allow first strike with nuclear weapons.

-First Strike attacks on us with nuclear weapons will be dealt with in extreme force and we will then allow any attacks by our nations.

Article 11 – dismissal

-The emperor can choose to dismiss any member wit hough a vote

- Any member of government can choose to dismiss a member with a 75%+1 vote

Signed February 18,2008


MoFA- NateDawg

Edited by shawns
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