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ThunderCox! Get it while it's good!


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Article I - Government of ThunderCox

1. The Triumvirate shall rule ThunderCox with absolute power.

2. The Triumvirate shall be three in number.

3. The Triumvirate shall have lifetime rule.

4. A Triumvir may be removed through a 2/3 agreement of the other Triumvirs. If this occurs, a new Triumvir shall be chosen by the remaining 2 Triumvirs.

5. The Triumvirate may declare wars, sign treaties, and expel members (among other things).

6. The Triumvirate may create or dissolve positions at its leisure.

7. A Triumvir may step down on his own will. A new one shall be chosen by the remaining 2 Triumvirs.

The Ministry consists of the following positions:

1. Minister of Recruiting Sh!t- Recruits, and accepts new members to the alliance.

2. Minister of Bombing Sh!t - Handles the battalions, day to day wars of members, rogue attacks, and runs alliance wars with the assistance of the Triumvirate.

3. Minister of Internal Sh!t - Handles any Internal Affairs of the alliance.

4. Minister of Foreign Sh!t - Handles treaty making, and relations with other alliances.

5. Minister of Buying Sh!t - Deals with all financial issues within ThunderCox

Article II - Tech Raiding

Nations belonging to ThunderCox are free to declare war on nations belonging to no alliance, however, they are subject to the following rules:

1. You may not use nukes offensively.

2. You may ask for assistance, however it is not mandatory

3. Do not extort nations wishing for peace for tech. Nations found to be doing this shall be removed from the alliance.

4. Target nation must not be a member of the red team or black team.

Nations that belong to the ThunderCox Hit List may freely be targeted for a tech raid whenever, and are not subject to the rules above.

Article III - Military Layout

1. The ThunderCox military shall be placed into battalions segregated by Nation strength.

2. A head of each battalion shall be appointed by the Minister of Bombing Sh!t.

3. In the event that a battalion leader goes inactive, he shall be removed and replaced.

4. Battalion members are required to aid and assist other battalion members in the event of a rogue attack, or alliance war.

Article IV: Amendments to the Charter may be brought forth by any alliance member. Each amendment must be approved by the Triumvirate and pass a vote in the general membership with at least 60% in favor.


kicken wing, Fapmaster 3000 (Triumvir)

DK999, Head Sh!thead (Triumvir)

Nathan Hale, Babysitter of DK999 and kicken wing (Triumvir)

cello-chik, Head Pengiun

Attention Planet Bob! ThunderCox is currently accepting new membership applications!! Anyone wishing to apply should visit the ThunderCox forum and post an application in the Front Desk.

Barely a week old, ThunderCox currently has 17 members with an Alliance Strength of just over 200k.

Our IRC can be found at #tcox, on Coldfront.

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