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SoS Brigade Recruiting


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It is my great honor, to announce the formation of a new alliance,

We would wub current alliances to come visit our forums at Forums and i look forward to doing well within cybernation politics


Charter of the SoS Brigade

[soS Brigade


All applicants must set their AA to SoS Brigade, be in no offensive or defensive wars with alliances with more than 10 members, And must have no interest in normal humans, and help us in the search of aliens, time travelers, sliders or espers.


There will be two leaders of the brigade, the Chief and the deputy chief. They are the grand leaders, and have the ultimate say of anything else in the alliance. The chief will be in charge of the day to day welfare of the brigade, and will be in charge of the global politics within the alliance. He/She will also be the head of the banking, sorting out the aid transfer lists. The Deputy Chief will be in charge of both the wars within the alliance, as well as the academics side, sorting out all the different guides. Kuros is the current Chief, with NBV as the Deputy.


There are other sections within the Brigade, Internal affairs and general moderation of the forums will need to be filled by any applicant. This shows that there is places open in the alliance. And that all members can apply, be it with experience or not.


We will not be allowing tech raiding, as we do not see this as a viable option. We are an alliance that is here to promote tech trades, and trading, to further boost the financial situation in the alliance.

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Would You like to merge with The World Order?

The World Order Merging: Procedures and Regulations


The merging alliance will be given 60 days to change their Alliance Affiliation to "The World Order

The World Order will be the sole Alliance Affiliation of any alliance that merges with us, and the alliance will shut down their forums and use ours.


Contact me here or in-game (my nation) and I will set-up the forum with the political party's topics.


The alliance merging into The World Order will become a political party with its own password protected forum.

The alliance flag will become the political party flag which can be selected from "My Controls" -> "Edit Personal Info" and to the drop-down box titled "Political Parties" on the forums.

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Would You like to merge with The World Order?

I gotta hand it to you for trying at least. I don't think there's anywhere round the forums I havn't seen you posting to get members for your one man "alliance". I wish both of you luck though in the future of your alliances.

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Thanks fant0m, i wish goodluck to you and the Imperial Assault Alliance,

And thanks for the offer Keanu, but i may have to pass on this one, your more than welcome to join as a member.. but im not thinking about any sort of merges for the time being

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