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Order of Sovereignty


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Article 1- Order of Sovereignty

We the people of Order of Soveregnty are a purple team We will stand up for what we belive in and we will offer, protection, advice, money and friends in this Alliance.

Our motto is " Go big or go home" We gaurantee membership unless you are alliance jumping just for money then you will get punished.

Article 2- Membership

Anyone who is applying for membership must state following in order to get accepted in to order of Sovereignty.




Link to nation-

Once completed you will be masked as a member shortly

Article 3- Governemnt

Order of Sovereignty governemnt will consist of three 5 members.

The members with be the admins and the rest are ones voted on by the people.

Government positions will be held for six months then we will have a 2 day elction process. After 2 days are up are new goverment positions will take affect.

Admins who have governemnt positions can't lose there governemnt spot.

Article 4-Military

Our Military will consist of 3 companies and they are:




There will be a general and a Lt for every company

Article 4-Duties

Generals duties are to make sure there company members are active and they report to roll call every month. The give order to Lt's and make sure they follow out there Generals orders.

Lt's are responsible for making sure the Generals orders are followed out and to keep in eye out for mebers during war time.

Article 5- War

Generals are to report to the government tell them what is going and to tell government if anyone needs aid requests.

No one can attack anyone with out permission from and admin or an governemnt member.

If an attack is to occur withou permissions you will be subjected to expulsion.

Battle reports must be posted in Battle report topic

Posting a battle repor topic looks like this

EX. ShawnS Battle report and the info copyed

Article 6- Aid Requests

All aid requests must be made in a time of war.

People with permission from admin or governemnt member may get some.

All aid requests must state following to get aid:





Once completed aid requests wuill be fullfilled shortly

Article 7- Tech Raiding

Tech Raiding isn't allowed.

Tech Raiding will result in expulsion

Article 8- Recruitment

All recruitment will be done by recruiters

Thank you for reading Order of Sovereignty Charter


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