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The Kingdom of Obsidian

Corey Faith

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In game AA 'Obsidian'

Irc: #obsidian (coldfront)


Obsidian is an alliance made up of long time players of Cyber Nations. In fact, it is a merger of two other alliances, UBS and CMR. We are a black team, medieval themed alliance which stresses a friendly and helpful environment for everyone.

What we offer

For small nations we offer a startup aid package totaling $500,000 as well as a mentorship program in which one of our larger nations will mentor you in order to make sure your nation is as good as it can be. For larger nations we offer an abundance of smaller nations to sell you tech as well as several large nations who can protect you.

As an Obsidian member...

As a member of the kingdom of Obsidian you will start out as a peasant but with hard work and dedication you can work your way up to a knight, a baron or even a duke! We make sure our best members are promoted accordingly and we pay special attention to making sure everything our members contribute is noticed and recognized.

Is Obsidian right for you?

If you wish for your nation to be great and you want a friendly environment that uses a medieval hierarchy and has an abundance to offer for nations of all sizes then Obsidian is the alliance for you!



We, the Nations of Obsidian Hereby united in order to bring peace, stability, and community. We the people agree to keep our alliance first over anything else and not join any other alliance. As members of Obsidian, we agree to follow the rules and regulations stated in this charter.

Article I: Admission

1. Nation name:

2. Ruler name:

3. All formerly held alliance memberships, if any:

4. All current wars involving the applying nation, if any:

5. Team Color (Black STRONGLY requested):

6. Who you were recruited by:

7. Resources:

8. Oath:

I, the *insert nation here* Station Hereby unite with the other nations of Obsidian order to bring peace, stability, and community. I agree to keep our alliance first over anything else and not join any other alliance. As members of The Obsidian we agree to follow the rules and King as stated in this charter.

By agreeing to this you have agreed to follow these rules:

1. Be respectful to your superiors.

2. Follow the rules set here.

3. Do not attack anyone without our Consent.

4. Do not attack anyone in an alliance.

5. Please listen to our messages. We usually have something useful for you to hear/see.

6. Do not post something that might hurt the alliance on the main CN forums. If you do so and we tell you to take it down. Do so ASAP.

7. Be active and help this alliance grow.

Article II: Structure

Section A:

General Assembly

1. All members accepted into the Obsidian are member of the General Assembly.

2. Any member of the General Assembly may request a amendment on the charter. Each member of the General Assembly will then get one vote and after 72 hours

3. In the case of a wrong doing , any member of the General Assembly may ask for the expulsion of a member. In this case each member gets one vote and after 48 hours there must be a 85% vote. The King and the Prince have to agree to expulsion of the member if needed.

Section B:

General Positions of the Assembly:


Recruited 10 Total Nations, 500 Total Posts, Sent 40 Million in Foreign Aid, Ambassador to at least 5 alliances, Posted 50+ on CN Forums, Attended 5 Alliance Meetings, Adopted and Mentored Two Nations under the Adopt-A-Nation Program, One Adopted Nation Promoted to Knight, Nation Wiki, Purchased One National Wonder, and Accurately Completed the Earl’s Quiz.


Recruited 8 Total Nations, 250 Total Posts, Sent 30 Million in Foreign Aid, and Ambassador to at least 4 alliances, Posted 30+ on CN Forums, Attended 4 Alliance Meetings, Adopted and Mentored One Nations under the Adopt-A-Nation Program, and Accurately Completed the Dracula’s Quiz.


Participated in 4 Total Wars, Recruited 5 Total Nations, 150 Total Posts, Ambassador to at least Three Alliances, Registered on CN Forums with at minimum 15 posts, Chatted on IRC, Attended Two Alliance Meetings, Accurately Completed the Baron Quiz, and Sent 15 Million in Foreign Aid.


Knighted by King or Prince*, Participated in 2 Total Wars, Participated in Two Tech Deals, Posted Nation Appraisal, Recruited 2 Total Nations, 100 Total Posts, Ambassador to at least One Alliance, Accurately Completed the Knights of Nii Quiz and Sent 3 Million in Foreign Aid.


Signed into proper Military Squad, Posted Nation Appraisal, Purchased a Harbor, 20 Total Posts, Accurately Completed First Quiz, and adopted by a Knight or higher.


Changed Alliance Affiliation, Application to Alliance in proper thread, Read Nation Building Guide in the Obsidian Institute, Correct Nation Settings (see N.B.G.), and 5 Total Posts.


Has been successfully accepted into the alliance.

Section C: Regal Staff

The Regal Staff includes the King and Prince. They are the highest authority of the Obsidian. They are both Permanent positions of the alliance unless stepping down.


The King is figure head and top authority of the Obsidian. He maintains veto powers over the General Assembly and appoints the Ministers. The King serves for life or until resignation. The King shall forgo the position of King to the Prince when he resigns. The King has emergency powers to eject any person he/she deems is a threat to alliance security. Only if the Prince has agreed to the expulsion also. It is also the King's job to fill in where help is needed. Until the position is filled.


The Prince is the King’s right hand man and in the case of his resignation, the prince shall take over. The Prince will lead over the General Assembly. The Prince is appointed by the King. He may conduct in diplomatic and other official business with other alliances. If it is an emergency the Prince may call orders while the King is not there. The Prince has to have the King approve of a decision before it is put into action. Unless it is something small like a recruitment drive.

Section C: Ministries

The Ministries include the Duke of Foreign Affairs, the Duke of Security and War, and the Duke of Internal Affairs, and Duke of Trades. They are the executive branch of the Obsidian. Their jobs are to work in their specific sectors. They are appointed by the King and Prince.

Tthe Duke of Security's job is to secure the Obsidian Borders. Which included the purging of ghost of the alliance. Making sure all attacks on the alliance are known by DoFA. To allow a diplomatic solution if required. The DoS is also supposed to organize counter defensive measures if needed. If a member of the alliance is spied on it is the DoS job to notify the rest of the alliance. The DoS is supposed to work with the DoW to assure a capable military for the Obsidian.

Duke of War

The Duke of War's job is to plan out offensive measures with the DoS. They are to help maintain a Military structure for the betterment of the alliance. They are to with the help of the DoS decide on promoted certain alliance member to military positions. The DoW is suppose to work with the DoS to assure a capable military for the Obsidian.

Duke of Internal Affairs

The Duke of Internal Affairs is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly and effectively between all internal programs. The Duke of Internal Affairs will also be in charge of keeping track of all alliance records and the statistics involved. The DoIA is to appoint Marquess with the approval of the King and Prince to help with Recruitment, Trades, Economics, and Education. The Duke of Internal Affairs must work with the Marquess of Education to maintain activity in the alliance.

Duke of Foreign Affairs

The Duke of Foreign Affairs will be tasked with the job of overlooking the day to day affairs between Obsidian and all other alliances. The Duke of Foreign Affairs must assign diplomats to go to other alliances; he must also organize the embassies inside the alliance. The Duke of Foreign Affairs may during war time help negotiate peace terms with the help of the King and Prince.

Duke of Finance

It is the Duke of Finance's job to run an effective alliance bank. They are to organize Beginners aid, War aid, Growth programs, and Aid falls. They are also to work with the Marquess of Recruitment and Marquess of Education to fund recruitment contest and activity. They are allowed to appoint bankers with the approval of the King or Prince.

Duke of Trades

The Duke of Trade is to help organize trade circles with alliance we are allied with. Also to organize trade circles inside the Obsidian. Their job is also keep track of the trade circles and notify the members inside them when a change will occur. The Duke may appoint lesser officers to help when the job gets to hard for the baron to handle by themselves.

Section D: Marquess

The Marquess are appointed by the Dukes and approved by the King and Prince. Their jobs are Trades, Communications, Education, Foreign Affairs, Recruitment. They are to help the ministries of which they have been assigned to. They are directly under the Dukes of their appointment.

Marquess of Education:

The Marquess of Education is responsible for keeping members educated in alliance matters, CN history, Alliance Government, and In game CN matters. Also to keep members active with help from the Marquess of communications. Such as making activity contests, recruitment contest with the Marquess of Recruitment, and overall activity.

Marquess of Diplomatic Affairs:

The Marquess of Diplomatic Affair's job is to help Duke of Foreign Affairs with tasks assigned to him. This may include but not limited to: keeping up with the amount of diplomats and which alliances they are diplomats to, training new diplomats, and finding new diplomats.

Marquess of Communications:

The Marquess of Communications is responsible for keeping the members of Obsidian informed about current alliance issues and keeping a updated member list.

Marquess of Recruitment:

The Marquess of Recruitment's job is to recruit new members to the alliance. They are also to do background checks before allowing the member to apply to the Alliance. Also it is the Marquess of Recruitment job to run Recruitment contests and or activities to get members to recruit.

Section E: Rules of Warring

Subsection 1:

The following section is a guide line to be followed by all members in the alliance. This included counter defensive measures, rouges, etc.

Subsection 2: Official Declarations of War

The alliance is only to declare war with full approval from the Regal, Ministries and 75% vote from the General Assembly. During this period of time it is the Ministers of War and Security to help plan out attacks and counter defensive measures. Declarations will only be purposed when the all diplomatic measures have broken down.

Subsection 3: State of War

During this period that the Dukes of War, Security, and Internal Affairs are to help maintain military measures and Economic. The Baron of Economics is to help send war aid were it is needed. The Dukes of W and S are to continue to make war plans and counter defensive measures. Also during this period it is the job of the Foreign Ministry to work a diplomatic solution as soon as possible.

Subsection 4: Peace and Surrender Terms

The Obsidian during this period will only send surrender terms approved by the King and Prince and Ministry. If the Obsidian has surrender terms submit they will have to be approved by the Regal, Ministry, and General Assembly.

Subsection 5: Attacks and Attacking Random Unaligned Nations

TECH RAIDING - Nations of Obsidian are allowed to attack non black team nations with 5 plus days of inactivity. All attacks have to be approved by the Dukes of Security or War first. The Obsidian Considers alliances with 5 members and up non attackable.

Section F: Disbandment

Subsection 1:

The Obsidian States will only disband if deemed necessary by the Regal, Ministers, and General Assembly. There has to be a unanimous vote by the Regal and Ministers. Also a 90% approval vote by the General Assembly.

Section G: Amendments

None Apply at this point

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