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Pigs and Lead issue

Antartica North

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Soldier Upkeep Cost [per soldier]

I was looking over the resources sheet and thought to myself it was possible that if Improvements are applied before resource bonuses, that upkeep costs would go into the minuses.

I dilligently contacted some other nations with Pigs and Lead as a resource and was dissapointed. However, I did find something else.

Lead – Lowers initial cruise missile and nuclear weapon cost and upkeep cost -20%, lowers aircraft upkeep cost -25%, lowers tank purchase and upkeep costs -8%, lowers soldier upkeep cost -$0.50.

Pigs - Lowers soldier upkeep cost -$0.50, increases solder efficiency +15%, and increases population +3.5%.

It seems that nations that trade pigs and lead, only $0.50 is taken from the upkeep, rather than the full $1 which having both Pigs and Lead ought to do.

-barracks -10%, g.camps -10%

-lead -$0.50, pigs -$0.50

base = $2

with pigs + lead = 1.5 = This should be 1.0 if both pigs and lead are applied.

with 5barracks = 1.0

with 5barracks + pigs + lead = 0.75

with 5barracks and 4g.camps = 0.6

with 5barracks and 5g.camps = 0.5

with 5barracks and 4g.camps + pigs + lead = 0.45

Hope this information is useful


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yes, thats imho a flaw, because if you already have pigs, lead is even less useful and its not a good resource anyway... these boni should stack, like for Iron and Oil. At least I see no reason why Iron, Oil and Pigs stack and Lead not -_-

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