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Do I hold the record?


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I had to nationsit my friends nation and between the two nations I managed 13 events within 30 dyas. That's got to be a record. Of course after that I didn't get another one for 3 months.

Slightly off-topic. My people wanted me to be communist for 6 months straight and I have never had the Great Monument Wonder. Is that a record too?

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Events have a random chance of being generated each day...Since most newer nations are now familiar with the 'improvement swapping' cycle, the reduce their number of collections, thus reducing the chance of actually generating an event...To be honest, I haven't had an even in ~200 or so days now, but in that many days, I've only collected taxes maybe at most 15 times.

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The seem to come in chunks. Up until I was 190 days old I had only had one event. Then I got two of the same event back to back. :o

Got another event today. In 190 days I had one event, and in the following four days I've had three events.

Currently +8 happiness from events. :)

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