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United Kingdom of Sovereign Nations




Team Colour: Maroon

Leaders: Conrad Kruschev (Pamplona), Draagushnahk (Drakenyen)

Government: Heirarchical Monarchy, House of Lords

Startup Aid Package: Minimum 100k

Stance: Peaceful

War Policy: Defence, Alliance-less nations, Rogues, With Permission Only

Favourite Colour: Magenta

Alliance Tag: UKSN

Affiliation Tag: the United Kingdom of Sovereign Nations



As a member of UKSN I agree to adhere to the basic principles set down by this charter.

Military and War

UKSN is An Openly Aggressive Alliance. How ever there Are Procedures to Follow.

Members must not attack members in other alliances unless permission is given by the monarchy in a unanimous Decision.

All UKSN members must seek the approval of either the Lord High Constable or one of the Kings, before they enter a war with another nation.

No UKSN member may make such attacks without permission, this is strictly forbidden on pain of ejection from the alliance

Members Should Not Attack Any Nations that they cannot Within Reason Take Down Without Aid. If A Member Attacks A Nation that they thought they could defeat without aid

No UKSN member may attack another without the permission of both Kings of the alliance.

Should a UKSN member come under attack by a rogue, all nations in attack range and above the offending nations strength are obliged to help by joining the war while others are obliged to send aid to the defending nation(s). Should the attacker be in an alliance aid should be sent to the attacked nation while talks with the alliance begin.

Trade, Aid and Tech Deals

UKSN members are encouraged but not forced, to trade with fellow members of the alliance.

Any trade, aid or tech deals made on this forum with a fellow UKSN member are considered binding and anyone who breaks their trade agreements illegally must pay a penalty to the alliance and to the victim.

The Monarchy

The monarchy consisting of the dual Kings, Conrad and Draagushnahk are the ultimate executive power in the UKSN.

It is the power of the Kings to make Royal Decrees, but only if both Kings consent, which may change laws or make final decisions on important matters.

The Monarchy may elevate members to the status of Knight and the Lord. All such nobles swear an oath upon their appointment to the monarchy. One Lord shall be the Lord High Constable, while others shall deal with the other aspects of the alliance. Members may be nominated by popular vote for Lordship.

Any nation that becomes as high ranking as one or both Kings must show acts of generosity such as aiding financial programs and the small nations. The Kings may also request that you send a UKSN member aid should you reach this level.


Lords help to run the alliance and shall be granted power by the Kings upon their appointment.

3 lords are responsible for key issues within the alliance including:

education and the storing of knowledge (librarian)

the distribution of alliance funds (treasurer)

the recruitment of new nations to the alliance (lector)

other lords enjoy a higher status than ordinary members and a seat in the house of lords.

Lord High Constable

the Lord High Constable is the lord in charge of the organisation and deployment of the kings' armies in the field and is 'primus inter pares' with other lords (first among equals), all members except the monarchs must answer his call to war and must do as instructed in the pursuit of victory.

The House of Lords

the house of lords is a body through which the respected and proven members of the alliance can express views and advise the monarchy. it can be made up of any number of lords, with at least four of which taking on the roles of Lord High Constable, treasurer, librarian and lector.

any member of the house of lords may propose a vote on any matter, and it is the responsibility of the house to dispense justice according to the law of the land and to regulate and police the named lordship positions. no action is to be taken by lords against other lords without the permission of the monarchy


Knights are the military elite of the alliance and should be ready for war at a moment's notice. They are also often appointed squadron leaders

The Law of the Land

Any member may be expelled by a monarch or suspended by the house of lords for reasons including, but not limited to:

* Declarations of war on a Monos Archein member or ally

* Membership in another alliance

* Unauthorized declarations of war on any nation

* Forwarding information to other alliances

* Aiding nations in an Enemy Alliance.

* Breaking an aid agreement (tech deals etc)

The UKSN Forum

We are looking for new members to join us, at present we have a total of 4 members (17th Febuary 2008) with the prospect of more joining. We have a stable leadership and a clear idea of what we wish to achieve. Anyone can become a Lord or Knight provided they put in the effort and activity required to maintain the alliance. Startup aid starts at 100k though is much more for smaller nations and newbies.

Edited by Conrad Kruschev
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The World Order Forums

Would You like to merge with The World Order?

The World Order Merging: Procedures and Regulations


The merging alliance will be given 60 days to change their Alliance Affiliation to "The World Order

The World Order will be the sole Alliance Affiliation of any alliance that merges with us, and the alliance will shut down their forums and use ours.


Contact me here or in-game (my nation) and I will set-up the forum with the political party's topics.


The alliance merging into The World Order will become a political party with its own password protected forum.

The alliance flag will become the political party flag which can be selected from "My Controls" -> "Edit Personal Info" and to the drop-down box titled "Political Parties" on the forums.

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i consider this similar to when nazi germany wished to 'merge' with austria. both parties know it will not be a merge but simply an assimilation of the weaker (austria, us) by the stronger (germany, you)

in other words no thank you :blush:

EDIT: oh and im not trying to compare your alliance to nazi germany, its just the first thing that came to mind :P

Edited by Draagushnahk
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