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I was reading the wonders because I am about ready to buy my first wonder and I saw The Manhattan Project. I read it and thought about what it meant for a minute. Then it made me think you had to buy one of these for 100 million dollars before you can get a nuke. Then I went and looked at people with nukes and a lot of them do not have this wonder. I was wondering if this a way you could get a nuke without reaching the top 5% nations. Is that true? If not what is the wonder for?

Here is the description:

The Manhattan Project allows nations below 5% of the top nations in the game to develop nuclear weapons. The Manhattan Project cannot be destroyed once it is created. The wonder requires 3,000 infrastructure, 300 technology, and a uranium resource.
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The game currently has two methods of being able to buy nukes. One your nation can be in the top 5% of nations, have more than 75 tech and have over 1000 infrastructure and have a source of Uranium. Or two, you can have the Manhattan Project (which requires 300 tech and 3000 infrastructure and a source of Uranium to build) which does not require you be in the top 5% of nations. Once you buy nukes, you get to keep them until you use, decom them or they are destroyed by spies even if your nation is no longer in the top 5% and you don't have the Manhattan Project. You'll find quite a few nations who at some point were in the top 5%, bought nukes and now for a variety of reasons are no longer in the top 5%. They retain their nukes, they simply can not replace them if used or lost.

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You either need to have the Mahattan Project or be in the top 5% of nations to build nukes. However, you can drop out of the top 5% and keep your nukes, but you just can't be new ones.

Edit: Nice ninja posting, Count Rupert.

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