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I am looking for a Blue Alliance

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Hello from Greenland Republic, I see your nation is 6 days old,

Welcome to the game, please take some time reading our Recruitment Thread:


Link to Our Forums

We are alwais looking for new talents through CN, we like aiding active players as well as teaching brilliant pupils. We have different aid programs as well as education ones. We beleive in friendship and protecting our members. We love spam.


Thanks for your time, mArK


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Oh, dude. These guys don't know what they're talking about. "Thomas and Max and Danny Awesome Team Great Job" is totally where it's at. You may not get your name in the title, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. It may be small, but we make a great team, and we're good friends, so feel free to join.

Also, we're one of the only teams that isn't a) named after an ancient empire, or B) an order or federation or legion of some sort. So that's cool.

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The Alliance of Neutral Armadas is blue. We like to send out aid to active members, and since it's small, you'll always have a say in alliance matters. We also just signed the BLEU Economic Treaty, so if you need help finding trades on blue, you'll get a lot of help.

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join the NFL we are an alliance of about 50 members in the blue sphere under the protection of the NPO. We are a tightly knit community of friends and give aid packages to all our new members along with our Share the Wealth program to grow nations over 10k NS.

come check us out at this link?

and btw Happy Easter :D

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