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Global Protectorate Organization


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The Global Protectorate Organization(GPO) is a neutral alliance in the Blue sphere.The GPO is a community formed on a foundation that is based on democracy,honor,unity,loyalty,integrity,friendship and trust within the membership.We as an alliance,emphasize freedom for our members, but when sacrifice is necessary, we ask that our members put the GPO Alliance first.As an alliance,we come together in unity to ensure our members succeed in all aspects of the game.GPO will provide our members with military, financial, diplomatic,mentoring,nation and tech trades,and much more.

With the above statement,the Global Protectorate Organization is now created,on this day, February 13,2008.

GPO Member Benefits

1. Start Up Aid..$50,000

2. Tech and Nation Trade Deals

3. GPO Nation Building Tools, i.e, Mentoring,Nation Aid,Loans

4. GPO Government and Senate Positions Open to all Members

And much more...

If you are interested in becoming a member or just want to come say hi,or to check us out, you can find us here: Global Protectorate Organization Forums


We, the members of the Global Protectorate Organization, hereby come together to create this document to make sure that all protections, rights and freedoms of our sovereign nations within our Organization are upheld. The GPO embraces and supports world peace throughout the Cyberverse. We join together in unity and friendship in order to provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare of our members, and sustain the bonds of justice which unite us all.

Section 1: Membership, Admission and Expulsion

GPO welcomes nations of all sizes, strengths and influence to apply for membership in the Global Protectorate Organization.

Members of the Global Protectorate Organization are expected to remain active, participate in alliance programs, contribute to the success of the alliance, serve in the GPO Military,if they so desire,and fully abide by the laws set forth in the GPO forum rules,and this Constitution. Should any member fail to comply with either the alliance laws or constitution, action be taken against that member. Punishment is decided by the alliance government,and or the Global Court of Judicial Affairs. Punishment for failing to abide by laws of the alliance,and or constitution can range from limits on the access to alliance programs, censure, full expulsion from the Global Protectorate Organization,or whatever punishment fits the violation.

Section 2: Global Protectorate Organization Leadership

Article 1: President and Vice President

i. The President is the highest office within the GPO.

ii. The President and Vice-President both have the power to suspend any nations membership for such reason that violates the our Constitution or GPO Member Rules.

iii. The Vice-President will be in charge of presiding over the Senate ensuring that all nations rights are upheld and defended.

iv. The President is the chief diplomat of the Global Protectorate Organization.

v. The President is to make themself available to members of the GPO Membership as much as possible.

vi. The President and Vice-President reserves the right to rearrange and reappoint Congress members,at any time.

vii. The Vice-President holds veto over all Senate decisions made with less than a two-thirds decision.

xi. The President may overturn any vote of the Membership,by a two-thirds vote of the Senate.

xii. The President may declare war,but must seek and be granted approval by the Senate.

xiii. The President may obtain Emergency Powers from the Senate in case of an alliance crisis.

xiv. An alliance crisis is defined as one of the following: A State of War, any time that alliance membership is below 10 members, or any other situation deemed an emergency by a Senate vote.

x. The Presidential Emergency Powers are as follows: The President may postpone elections until the crisis is past, or for up to one month, whichever is longer. The President must schedule elections within 30 days of the crisis end.

xi. The President will have his/her Emergency Powers cease at the end of the crisis, or by a two-thirds decision of the Senate.

Article 2: House of Commons

i. The House of Commons shall be appointed by the President,except for Senators,which are elected by the Membership.

ii. Minister of Foreign Affairs(MOFA) is responsible for all diplomatic relations between the alliance and foreign powers. The MOFA is also responsible for negotiating treaties with foreign powers and organizing the diplomatic corps. The MOFA is in charge of all diplomatic relations for the Global Protectorate Organization Alliance.

iii. The Minister of Defense (MOD) is responsible for all military action between the alliance and foreign powers and for organizing the alliance military.

iv. The Minister of Trade and Finance (MOTF) is responsible for aiding all member nations in getting trades, for managing and organizing the alliance banks and for establishing all aid.

v. The Vice-President is to act as chairman for the House of Commons, and the departments within. The Senate is led by the Vice President.

vii. All ministers of the their respected departments are to keep the President aware of the goings on in their departments.

viii. The Minister of Internal Affairs, (MIA) is responsible for all alliance matters of the Global Protectorate Organization.

Article 3: Senate

i. The Senate is made up of members in the General Membership,and the ministers of each department in the House of Commons.

ii. Senators are elected once a year by the General Membership.

iii. The Senate votes on all treaties, and those treaties will be passed by a simple majority.

iv. v. The Senate, and the Secretary of Defense may declare war on a foreign power with a two thirds decision. The President may declare war without approval of the Senate only if Emergency Powers are in affect at the time.

v. All legislation passed by the Senate,must be signed off on by the President.If for some reason the President is not present to sign off on legislation,within 3 days time,the VP may sign the legislation.

Article 4: Global Protectorate Organization Membership

i. The General Membership is made up of all members of the GPO alliance.

ii. The General Membership is responsible for electing government officials.

Section 3: House of Commons

Article 1: Legislation

i. The Senate may veto any amendments to the constitution.

ii. The House of Commons and the Senate are required iin maintaining this Constitution.

iii. The House of Commons and the Senate oversee all punishments in violation of the constitution,and alliance laws,etc. When serious violations occur,they are required to send notice of the offenses to the Global Court of Judicial Affairs.

Section 4: Mergers, Disbandenment and Amendments

Article 1: Mergers

i. Alliance mergers may only be approved by the Senate.

ii. A merger is defined as when a foreign power joins the alliance as a whole, and the alliance changes neither its name nor its charter/constitution, and accepts no new treaties in the process of the merger.

iii. All mergers must be passed by a two-thirds majority of the Senate and must be signed off on by the President.

Article 2: Disbanding

i. In order for the alliance to disband, it takes the approval of the Senate and the signature of the President.

Section 4: Peace and War


All Members of the Global Protectorate Organization, are expected to abide by the Constitution and act in a respectful, diplomatic manner towards all other organizations and their members. Global Protectorate Organization considers itself to be an alliance of peace, honour, truth and integrity, with each member exemplifying these qualities at all times.

Global Protectorate Organization will employ a team of diplomats, who are to represent the GPO alliance through foreign embassies and public venues throughout the cyberverse, symbolizing our goals for peace, prosperity and unity.


Global Protectorate Organization is a peaceful organization, dedicated to resolving issues with tact and diplomacy. Should any foreign entity pose a threat to the security of the Global Protectorate Organization, through outside aggression, infringement on sovereignty and territory, internal subversion, espionage, or assault on any protectorate or allie, the Global Protectorate will respond in a manner deemed appropriate to ensure both our security and sovereignty. With this said,the GPO will use all fomr sof diplomact to try to reslove any issues.War is considered a last resort if diplomacy fails.

Members of the Global Protectorate Organization are strictly prohibited from engaging in any conflict with a nation that has sworn allegiance to a foreign alliance not in a state of war with Global Protectorate Organization. Members who participate in such actions, without prior exemption given by the GPO Government,i.e.,President,Senate,Minister of Defense,or other official that has the right to order a declaration of war. Should any member engage in this type of act,that violates the integrity and security of the Global Protectorate Organization,will appear before the Global Court of Judicial Affairs,where the possible revocation of their membership,will be heard.The Global Court of Judicial Affairs will administer such a punishment. That decision is final!

This concludes the document that is the Constitution for the Global Protectorate Organization Alliance.

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ok then haha :wacko:

just trying to grow my alliance to a larger size :D

You will fort minor and so will you GPO guys. It takes a long time. You might be lonely for a awhile. Be careful who you let have powers when you get things going. Get to know them for at least a month or 3 weeks minimum. Until then just be the absolute ruler. The wrong people can destroy what you have made.

Also since we are talking recruit ethics here. Since there is a war going on avoid vulturing POWs. (Sending them Recruit msg or even suggesting they join.). If you vulture you will have alliances posting announcements frowning it.

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yes thanks that helps a lot. who exactly is at war NPO and the yellow alliance cant remember their name :S

well i started my alliance with my real life friend and we are ruling together. we have 25 members after 11 days which is pretty good. I seem to be making a lot of friends as well lol.

also i am looking for a small alliance to merge into us to grow our numbers even more.

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Well if you are aiming for merger I would recommend find a new small one and getting to know them. Like a said its like marriage and should take that long before being offered so the leaders of it and how they will rule in the new alliance you two make.

Also a lot will say this but its true. Get a protectorate with a larger alliance. They can aid, protect you if you get stronger enemy then yourself, and offer strategy guides

Also remember these things

- Remember, absolutely remember to be assurtive and never loose your cool (Always even if the person you are talking to is a prick.)

- And to focus on your alliances culture and internal stuff. Don't immediately go to making embassies on every alliance in the game. Just stick to to a few friend alliances and work with them.

- People come and go. Don't think its the end of the world even if 20% of your alliance leaves. A lot of them come back eventually

- Keep your friends close (Almost all rival alliances in the game where friends once.)

- (For the leader) Stay the leader for at least a year if its going to survive.

Edited by Silas Kage
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thanks for the advise i have already done most but others will help me in the future :D

i have an embassy with GATO but we havent had an ambassador to our alliance i was wondering if you would like to be the ambassador to us?

p.s we jsut got another member :D

ill go from your thread now lol calm down

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