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Ok, here's the deal. Yesterday, I was told to get fully mobilized, today, I was ordered into peacemode. So I get into peacemode, I move my defcon and threat-level down to green and I start decomming my military. Firstly, I decom most of my soldier back to what I had yesterday, which is 8000 (11405) on a working population of 54059, my nation was still okay. Then I decommed all my tanks, and my nation was okay. But when I finished decomming my CM's, I suddenly get this message:

Your nation's defenses were considerably depleted on 2/13/2008. As a result of your recent lack of defending security forces riots have sparked up within your nation and have thrown your government into Anarchy. The riots are expected to last until 2/16/2008 regardless of any action that you attempt to take. You will not be able to change your government until these riots end.

While it also tells me this:

Your military of 8,000 (11,405) soldiers is considered adequate strength for the size of Polycratia.

Do note, my number of soldiers has not been below 8000. Is this a bug and should I report it, or did I miss some rule about decomming and is this my own fault?

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I seem to recall that under the old system of purchasing and decomissioning troops (dropdown menus), there was a warning that decomissioning more than a certain percentage of your forces at once would cause anarchy. This warning seems to have disappeared. Perhaps the effect had not disappeared.

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Wasn't that only if you'd have less than the 20% of working pop. left? If so, I never went under that.

20% of 54059 is 10811.8

The number in parenthesis is not a soldier count, but rather your soldier efficiency rating. Judging from this report, the previous bug with nations being almost un-anarchy-able has been addressed by admin....With some unfortunate timing in your case.


Forgot to add, though it appears to be working as it should, it's obviously still giving you the wrong message in your nation's main screen.

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