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Try simplifying the symbol on the first one, and change the color. Black doesn't contrast well enough with maroon. I like the yellow you used for the wreath in the second; you might consider chaning the black to that.

For the second, again simplify; perhaps remove the inner wreath while keeping the sword and quill.

The third is just ugly.

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Although I don't do flags that often. I also use gimp. So here is a flag I made. I like to keep them simple.


Although I can't photoshop it up.

Smaller version


EDIT: Woahhh, that came out horrible. It didn't look like that on gimp when I resized it.

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MFO uses php. Feel free to drop by and look at the customization we've done with it. www.mrfixitonline.com. It's a pretty good system. We've modified it for correspondence chess, changed the editor, etc.

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