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We are a black team alliance, created on 02/10/2008. We are always looking for new members and don't see why not to accept anyone. We offer guides and a tight-nit community, we also give up to 3,000,000 in start up aid.


League of Internationally Organized Nations


Preamble: The Founders of LION hereby issue the following binding document as proof of our dedication to our new alliance. The purpose of LION is to enjoy the game, provide a secure brotherhood for our nations to exist in, and seek to better ourselves as well as LION.

Article 1: Membership

A Member Nation is one whose ruler has applied, been accepted and has been given the approval to have the Alliance Affiliation of the Legion of Internationally Organized Nations.

Part I. Applying

To apply for membership one must not be in wars or sanctioned, unless the applicant contacts the Lord of Recruitment. They must provide their nation name, ruler, Nation Strength, and their alliance history as well as what positions they have held upon applying. The information is processed by the Director of Recruitment and upon acceptance the applicant nation may change their alliance affiliation to “Legion of Internationally Organized Nations†Applicants will then be given the right to view public areas of the forum

Part II. Right to Free Speech

All members have the right to say their thoughts and opinions on any topic inside of a Members Only Area. The public LION IRC channel does not count as a Member Only Area. The only other exception is when a member’s posts are in violation of the Terms of Service (TOS) of the forums. This applies to images as well. Outside of Members Only Areas, any thread or post may be deleted without warning by an administrator or moderator at their discretion.

Part III. Right to Vote

All members have the right to vote on the appropriate date for any elected position. No government official may under any circumstances deny any member the right to vote, unless they are under suspension from the LION at that time.

Article II: Leadership of LION

Part I: Emperor of LION

The Emperor of LION is the final arbiter of the alliance. He maintains total veto over all other leadership positions and is responsible for maintaining the direction of the alliance. He maintains authority over all areas of the alliance. He is to safeguard the Charter at all costs, and is under no circumstances allowed to alter it without using the proscribed methods. The only way the Emperor may leave office is by way of his own choice, and may not be at anytime eliminated from his position. If the Emperor does choose to step down, the Council of Lords must immediately select a successor.

Part II: Council of Lords

The Council of Lords is made up of the Founding members of the LION, and the Elected Lords of the departments. It is responsible for approving all charter revisions with a 75 % vote and moving them to the Emperor for veto or pass. No Lord shall presume to control any other Lords department. A founding member may choose to delegate his department at any point, but may not be stripped of his status as a Lord of Lion.

Article III: Departments

Part I: War Department

The War department is under command of the Lord of War. It is to be set up in a manner best thought to protect the alliance, and maintained by the Lord of War. Its purpose is to provide an active defense for the LION in times of peace, and spearhead our efforts in times of War.

Part II: Foriegn Affairs Department

The FA Department is under the command of the Lord of Diplomacy. Its purpose is the establishment of diplomatic ties with alliances seperate from the LION. Forming of embassies and dealing with political crisis between ourselves and those alliances is also the role of the Lord of Diplomacy's duty.

Part III: Finance Department

The Finance Department is an elected Department. It is run by a Lord of Finance who will be up for re-election at each term. The department is entrusted with the Economic growth of the LION through Loans, AID grants, and other monetary means. Tech Trading will also be under the jurisdiction of the Lord of Finance.

Part IV: Trade Department

The Trade Department will be run by the Lord of Trade. It is entrusted with setting up Trade circles within the LION for the betterment of our alliance.

Part V: LION Department

The Lion Department will be run by the Lord of Affairs. Its prupose is to insure all matters of information about the alliance is kept up, as well as spearheading the recruitment drive.

Part VI: Intelligience Department-closed until we have more members

The Intelligience Department will be run by the Lord of Intelligience. Its purpose is to collect information on LION's enemies, as well friends, in an effort to keep track of our position in CN. However, it is NOT entrusted with any sort of espionage.

Forums: http://z15.invisionfree.com/LION_Alliance/

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