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The Constitution of the Singapore Imperial Assult and Defence Coaltion


All countries are to fight together.Speed,Aggression,Suprise! No country shall try to overthrow the Kaiser, or any other governmental position. We stand together, we fight together, we help each other in the worst times ever we will always help each other.

Section I~The Government

The government of the SIADC is split into 3 Assemblys

1) The Kaiser

2) National Assembly

3)Assembly of the SIADC nations

The explanations of each assembly will be listed in order from least to greatest

1) The Kaiser

The Kaiser is the one and only leader of the SIADC he can order any one to do as he says. If the nation or person does not do so, the person in charge will be punished for not following the Kaiseral Order. The Kaiser will approve of all laws produced if The Kaiser agrees. The Kaiser is in the position for only 1 year unless wanted to be held in office by the NA and the nations of the SIADC

2) The National Assembly

The National Assembly of the SIADC consists of 4 different Departments. Each are voted into position by the Kaiser and Nations of the SIADC.

Department of National Affairs

Department of War

Department of The Federal Legislature

Deparment of the Treasury

The Department of National Affairs

The Department of the National Affairs will produce a treaty and negotiations if any nation of the SIADC has forced a surrender on any nation of any alliance. This department containes the Singapore Assault Service(SAS). The ruler of this department is elected in by the Kaiser.

The Departement of War

The Department of War is the Department that a nation must contact if wanting a declaration of war on a country not in the SADC, or if the Nation has been atacked by a forgin nation. If any nation is attacked this department will inform the Kaiser and he will put the other nation under the Alliances wrath.

The Department of The Federal Legislature

The Department of the Federal Legislature is the department that is to produces laws but the laws are not offically laws untill they are passed by the Kaiser.

The Department of the Treasury

The Department of the Treasury is to give forgin aid to the nation that the Kaiser and the department agrees needs it the most. Only the aid can be givin if the Kaiser agrees. Aid is givin usually if a nation just came out of a war with a much stronger nation. If the nation that is in the SADC loses the war then the rest of the SADC will go on a extermenation of that nation.

3) Assembly of SADC Nations

The Assembly of the SADC nations is to help maintain any nation in the SADC, if any nation is just starting the nation is to be givin a Guide on sucedding in Cybernations.

Section 2~The Rights

1)Each country has the right to do as they please only if they follow certain restrictions passed by the Government

2)Each country must follow the orders given to them if the nation is a war, the Kaiser will help you at any time he or she can.

3) Any country is allowed to run for all governmental positions including Kaiser, but this is only allowed when the Government Elections are held Every year on July 21

4)There will be 4 trials for each election, for the first time the top 40 will be picked out of all voted, next the tp 30 then the top 20 then the top 10. Then in the last round that will be held the week of July 21 the one country who has the most votes will be the governmental leader in the section of government.


All nations are in a official alliance if the Kaiser agrees.

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