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Help me with my labor camp swapping

Il Duce

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I'm in a sort of situation.

I'm currently sitting at 1999.99 infra and wanting to do an infra jump via a 15 day labor camp swapping regiment. However, I'm at in predicament. I have -3 improvement slots. Therefore, I can't buy infra to raise my population to gain back my slots without going over the 2k mark. Should I just buy the infra and begin the swap? I'm sitting at about $12 million with $6 million more coming on the 14th.

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Your 12m is going to be more than enough to make your jump.

So you have two choices:

1. Buy the infra, then begin your swapping.

2. Destroy 8 improvements (if you're only paying bills you won't need happiness improvements anyway), make sure they aren't population boosting improvements. Then buy your 5 labor camps and begin paying bills for the time period you wish. When you're ready to jump/collect ensure you have 5 factories and start buying infra. Make sure you destroy the labor camps and max out your pop/income boosting improvements then collect.

#2 is a little confusing, but I believe would maximize your profits. That 6m coming in will help you to pay bills over the time period as well. I suggest if you understand it, attempt it.

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Yah, don't wait for the 6m. Spend what you got now and blow through that infra jump.

Also, Infra jumps are over rated.

Agreed. I never buy infrastructure in small amounts anyway. I've heard you should have enough cash be able to get 2-3 more improvements for the 2K jump, but I almost always do that, so I don't even really pay attention to the jumps. I like routine and I can't think that far ahead!

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